Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nightmares (1983)

 Nightmares (1983)

PLOT - A horror anthology of four tales based off urban legends. A young woman goes out late one night for a pack of cigarettes after hearing a news report of an escaped mental patient on the loose in her neighborhood. A teenage video game wiz becomes obsessed with trying to beat "The Bishop Of Battle." a deadly game that could actually cost him his life. A priest in the middle of nowhere who has just recently lost his faith is haunted by a truck that could actually contain satan himself. And lastly a perfect little family is terrorized by giant rats.

LOWDOWN - We all love a great horror anthology (Creepshow, Tales From The Crypt/Hood, Trick R Treat, ect.) In fact some of the best horror based TV shows are based off anthologies. Think if it wasn't for anthologies we wouldn't have such classics such as Tales from the dark side, and Tales from the crypt. One of the more underrated titles that sadly flew under the radar was in the form of Nightmares. Four stories long, it contains enough early 80's cheese to make it enjoyable, and can actually be pretty scary at times. Each four tales are completely different, but highly entraining. In fact I loved showing this movie to a roommate of mine back at college who informed me that one of the stars in the film from the first segment is the lead singer from the band Fear. In the Bishop Of Battle segment (starring a young Emilio Estevez) he actually listens on his walkman to the band Fear while he's playing the unbeatable video game.

The movie does suffer from some laughable moments, and dated effects but overall it's a great movie to watch with a large group after having a couple of beers. My favorite segment of course is Terror In Topanga. Great realistic story, with a pretty good jump scare at the end.

So go check out Nightmares and see which tale of terror is your favorite! 

3 stars!

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