Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5 reasons why Hatchet III rocked.

 5 reasons why Hatchet III rocked.

What says the summer more than a trip down to Honey Island Swamp? I could honestly gush about how awesome all of the Hatchet movies are for hours. Instead I picked my personal favorite from the series, and a must to watch on a warm summer's night. Here we have the top five reasons why Hatchet III rocks!

1) The epic conclusion 
- There are tons of awesome third installments in a series (Dream Warriors, Friday the 13th part III, Season of the witch, Jaws 3…wait only me?) Anyways, it's a very rare thing when there's a trilogy and the third and final part is the best. With Hatchet III this is it. I'm sure Hatchet III won't be the last (all great slashers never honestly truly end when hey say they do) but for the time being in my eyes, this is the final act in what was a flawless and awesome gory slasher series. The third movie is basically the Aliens of the series. It's down right insane. More of an action movie than a horror movie, it really pulls out all the stops. You got explosions, gun fire, rocket launchers, and body parts flying everywhere. Adding more to the story of Victor, as well as his revenge bloodline Hatchet III honestly goes out with a bang.

2) The stars.
- This movie is jammed packed and I mean jammed pack full of horror actors such as Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Caroline Williams, Derek Mears, Sean Whalen, Sid Haig, and of course Zach Galligan.

3) Zach Galligan
- Speaking of Galligan, the main reason why my hype was huge on the making of this movie was the casting of Zach Galligan as the sheriff. In fact funny enough, the night before I saw this movie I won Zach's very own Waxwork II crew shirt at a silent auction held by Adam Green. At the bar Zach filled me in on his character (somehow I thought he was the villain.) and being able to see the movie just a few feet away from him made the biggest difference in the world. I'm a huge Galligan fan, and I found this to be a huge comeback for him. In fact I really hope he acts in more horror movies. His character at first seemed like the unlikeable asshole sheriff who doesn't believe Mary Beth. It isn't until you learn his backstory with his ex wife Amanda (a reporter) and hear him utter the heartbreaking line "That's my wife!" that you really really love him. Oh Galligan…

4) An awesome cameo
- Without spoiling too much, there's a cameo of a certain star from the original movie that got the biggest reaction ever when I first saw it when it premiered in Boston. It moments like this that truly make it full circle. In fact, being able to see this movie the way I did with two very good friends along side the cast and crew of the movie will forever and always be a favorite memory of mine.

5) The ending
- At 2013's Rock & Shock I told Adam Green that me and my two friends were the ones in the audience that went "Awwww!" when a certain character speaks. With a bone chilling ending, after dozens of likable characters are murdered, we finally see the ending we've all been waiting for. How exactly do you kill a repeating spirit? With the sound of a heartbeat slowing down, choppers, and our lead gasping for life the final shot has a lasting impression for sure.

So what were you're favorite moments out of this installment? 

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