Friday, July 24, 2015

Slumber Party Massacre soundtrack

 Slumber Party Massacre soundtrack

What says summer more than a slumber party! To celebrate this summer, I decided to pick today's film in being Slumber Party Massacre. A early slasher, that pretty much captured the whole half dressed girls in danger, running away from a crazed psychopath. In fact endless films ripped this movie off, which got a lot of heat since it was directed by a woman but had endless amounts of female nudity. Slumber Party Massacre is believe it or not a really fun slasher movie, with some cool locations, and a great killer with an even better ending. It spawned a few sequels, and has a pretty massive cult following. Being re-released on blu-ray by Scream Factory. In fact, Death Waltz released the awesome soundtrack on vinyl with some gorgeous artwork for the cover. I am yet to add this one to the collections, but from what I heard it's a must to own!

So order yourself a pizza, put some steaks on your eye, grab a cordless drill, and sit back and relax listening to the Slumber Party Massacre soundtrack!

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