Friday, July 3, 2015

Retro is the new experience in theaters!

 Retro is the new experience in theaters!

Trying to catch up with the last handful of movies I've seen in theaters, I decided to sum it up into one big post. Besides the Poltergeist remake, which isn't even worth mentioning. I decided to show briefly the last three films which are sequels to some huge favorites of mine from my childhood. It's a trend  as of lately, straying away from the retools and remakes, instead there is retellings or sequels. This goes to show you finally Hollywood which has been fresh out of new ideas is trying their hardest into molding and shaping the magic we once had at the movies all those years ago.

Mad Max Fury Road

- A+ 
What did I like? - It was visual stunning, nearly all practical effects and students, and Tom Hardy. Whoa now…
What didn't I like? - I feel the hype behind the movie has strayed away from the fact it was overall a very bad ass movie. Besides everyone reading a far bit too much into it, I would say the only thing I can't stand is the fact I have to wait so long to wait until the next sequel.

Jurassic World 

- A
What did I like? - I hate to admit it but I didn't like The Lost World, or part III at all. The original Jurassic Park has been a favorite of mine for years. I have heard the hype behind part 4 for years now. Jurassic World was exactly what I wanted in a sequel. I loved the creatures, the hybrid, and of course the over all park. Gotta admit I got choked up once or twice watching it.
What didn't I like? - No Muldoon! Argh, RIP Bob Peck but they could of at least casted somebody to play his son looking for revenge! Also a few of those lines Mr. Pratt delivered were beyond cringe worthy. Also running in heels? If that was me, I would have been dinner!

Terminator Genisys

- B
What did I like? -  I had low hopes for this movie ever since photos started to appear of the cast. I honestly really hated the last two sequels and in my eyes the series ended perfectly with T2 which was a huge childhood favorite of mine. After I heard Mr. Cameron gave the movie his blessing calling it the true part 3 I began to get interested. Believe it or not the cast didn't completely shit on my chest the way I thought they would. With a few nods to the original two films, and some pretty killer scenes (loved them going after the first terminator in 1984) I enjoyed myself. It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't terrible either if that makes any sense. 
What didn't I like? - Oh there were several major things I honestly hated about this movie. First off I would have rather seen more stuff set in 1984. Second the casting of Reese. Nobody will ever beat Michael Biehn, and in the end Mr. Courtney didn't completely ruin it for me, but they could have at least tried to get it closer to the nose as they did with Sarah. I could think of at least ten other actors who could have rocked this role which honestly would of made the movie a million times better since this was Sarah and Kyle's movie. I would say the casting for John as well (man I'm shitting all over this movie) and maybe make the whole overall thing less confusing! I had a damn headache! 

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