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Jurassic World - The park is now open

 Jurassic World - The park is now open

PLOT - 22 years later, and FINALLY it seems as if all the kinks are worked out of the park. Or is it? Jurassic World is now a huge theme park of fun for all ages. Sadly as always, the people want things bigger and badder. You honestly think they would have learned before? Well after fucking with Mother Nature AGAIN it comes back and takes a dino sized bite out of their asses. = Best plot summary ever? I think so.

LOWDOWN -  As you might know I've been super behind with this blog. Between my new summer challenge line up, and trying to catch up on posting my two cents on the latest movies I've seen, it's been a little busy. This week between continuing posting my summer movies, I'll also be writing about recent flea market scores, and some of the latest films I've seen at the movies. Tonight I'm writing about Jurassic World. The sequel I've been waiting for since 1993.

I'm sure I'm speaking for anyone my age when I saw Jurassic Park was a HUGE park of their childhood. This was one hell of a movie and in my eyes after Jaws the best Spielberg movie he's ever made. This was a film that had the perfect blend of practical effects and CGI (some of which even holds up today.) With an epic score, likable characters, terrifying moments, and of course a brilliant storyline it really makes you wonder…What if? I was a total nut about this movie growing up. I wore out my VHS copy, fell in love with Bob Peck and Sam Neil, had a tiny t-rex doll, and was haunted by Jeff Goldblum's laughter for years.

In 1997 I was forever betrayed when Spielberg made one of his worst movies ever The Lost World, and ruined the Goldblum character. It still stuns me that this movie even happened. Then a few years later we were somewhat repaid with part III where Mr. Neil returned, but with annoying characters and really bad CGI it fell flat. The fact his character and Ellie never got together still bothers me. For years I heard rumors of another movie and my thoughts were sorta mixed. Until now…

This is honestly the best time for some reboots and sequels. Since Hollywood can't have any original ideas, we're hoping there's a few golden gems sequel wise that might add onto a series and take us back to the original which will and forever be a classic in our eyes. Jurassic World is a wonderful idea since you know in this fantasy world if such a thing was possible, it would only be a matter of time before they got a handle on it (somewhat) and opened a park. Here in 2015 we get to see it in all it's glory. It honestly makes Disney Land look like a snooze trip. I mean it just makes you think if such a park was there, how crazy could it really be? With some so-so CGI (killed me only twice I believe puppets were really shown) but some breath taking shots of the island/park/and attractions, this movie is visually complete eye candy from the beginning. Sadly I feel most of the dinos will look dated in no time.

Were the characters likable? Ummm, Bryce I really liked as the lead (who would have thought running in hells were that easy?!) Chris Pratt did a somewhat good job despite the cringe worthy lines he delivered. I have yet to see the galaxy movie everyone is drooling over, but I think he's a good enough actor and did have a few bad ass moments. Hate to say it but I wouldn't mind seeing him as the new Indy. = gasps heard from around the world. I just personally would have liked to maybe see somebody like Tom Hardy play this roll. Or maybe that's just me. Whoa…did it just get hot in here?

The kids on the other hand. Zzzzzzz. Super annoying and unlikeable. The youngest kid had me rolling my eyes the entire time. Nothing like the original kids who were funny and sassy. Sorry but I was ten times more interested in the adults in this one. Couldn't give two shits if these two lived or not.

With some great nods to the original, and some killer creatures this was a total popcorn movie with tons of action, and pretty cool moments. Will there be another movie? If it makes good money most likely. Is it as good as the original? Not by a long shot. I would have honestly given up my first born child for a cameo from at least one of the three original leads. From what I heard, that's what a lot of people are saying.

Also I cried twice…count it TWICE in this movie. One during a scene where a dino dies legit in Chris Pratt's arms. I honestly was a mess, or maybe it was tears of joy since I'm almost certain it was a puppet used in this scene. The second time was when the two kids wandered into the original complex which is now overgrown in the jungle. Send chills down my spine. Makes me miss Bob Peck even more who sadly passed away a few years after the original was released. "Clever girl…" Forever and always.

So in the end I highly recommend this movie along with Mad Max. Two fun thrill rides of movies that bring you back to a more simple time when the originals came out.

This is the sequel that should have followed the first one, and in my eyes it is.

4 Stars!

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