Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Class of 1999

 Class of 1999
(The drinking game)

I don't know about anyone else, but I really love the movie Class of 1999, the sequel to the cult classic Class of 1984. Taking place in the "future" or as close as people would think the future would look like in the early 90's, it took a different route than the original in making the main problem at school not the students…but this time the teachers. Now we're not talking teachers who are strict, we're talking deadly. In fact, three teachers are placed into an inner city high school surrounded by gangs for the better good. Only thing the students don't know is…the teachers are robots. Crazy killing robots.

If you haven't seen this movie yet I strongly urge anyone to go check it out. It's a fun watch for a B movie with plenty of cheesy moments, and some pretty cool effects. Like so many movies I adore, I always say watch it with a group of friends or better yet some friends and a 6-pack. So here is a pretty zany drinking game you can play next time you pop this classic in. #blackheartsforever.

Drink when…
A gun is fired.
Horrible "future" fashion is shown.
Somebody takes drugs.
Somebody says Black Hearts
Someone rides a bike.
A person gets hit/punched.
The word "school" is said.

Take a shot when…
The robots P.O.V is shown.
Come The Day is heard.
Someone eats a piece of fruit.
Cody tells somebody to get a fucking blanket.
Somebody is killed.
Something blows up.

Waterfall when…
A car drives into a lake.
A student doesn't listen to a teacher.
A car chase happens.
Somebody drives a fork-lift. 
Somebody gets spanked. 

Enjoy, and try not to puke everywhere.

Class dismissed! 

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