Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bloody Birthday (1981)

 Bloody Birthday (1981)

We're kicking off this summer and we're kicking it off right! Starting with the highly underrated and awesome child killer slasher Bloody Birthday (1981) 

PLOT - Three children are born during a solar eclipse causing them to have no consciences. Ten years later, the trio begin to go on a blood thirty killing spree on whoever gets in their way.

LOWDOWN - I was first given this movie when my mother bought it on tape in a bargain bin when a chain video store was going out of business almost 16/17 years ago. I honestly have to say Bloody Birthday has one of the coolest VHS covers ever. I still remember looking down at my tape (which I still own) and being blown away by how gory it looked. I mean who doesn't love a cake covered in eyeballs and fingers?!

Bloody Birthday was made during the height of the slasher craze in the 1980's. In fact it really had just begun to kick off and in 1981 tons of underrated classics were being released one after another. Bloody Birthday is a film all on it's own for the main idea that three adorable little kids are committing all the murders?! I feel even with movies such as The Bad Seed, and Village Of The Damned, this movie was finally the one to have the balls to show blood thirty children giving zero fucks and killing anyone that got in their way in beyond violent ways. Sure it's cheesy, and there are times the movie doesn't really make sense, and it's low budget truly shines through. But I feel this was a huge reason why a movie like this has the charm it does and still sorta holds up even today. I mean sure you got Julie Brown dancing around naked changing into the same color clothes over and over again. A couple having graveyard sex (the ambulance game caused more laughs between me and my friends than any other game.) or the other couple with the girl with the huge breasts parking on the side of the street to mack it in the middle of a random neighborhood while a killer runs around. I guess this is why the 80's were indeed awesome. I feel the third child (Steven I think his name was) was a tad bit underused since it was truly Curtis and Debbie that stole the show. With a likable lead, and a killer ending this movie has it all. Gore, creative deaths, a creepy haunting theme, and a slasher that strays away from the basic rules. 

The junk yard scene where the kids gets trapped in the fridge still gives me total panic attacks. Also the awesome killer arrow through the peep hole scene. Ah, moments like this are what truly makes a great movie viewing.

I'm a little stunned in fact a sequel was ever made when these kids were teenagers!

A great movie to watch (I get a hoot out of it since the kids were supposed to be born on June the 9th.) and fun to see what random stars at the time actually starred in this. A must to watch with a group or with a six pack around your own birthday. Trust me, you'll never look at icing on a cake the same way again!

4 stars!

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