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Scream Factory - Ghoulies/Ghoulies II on blu-ray.

 Scream Factory - Ghoulies/Ghoulies II on blu-ray.

It's pretty clear there are certain movies I'm just plain crazy about. Films that are favorites of mine that I just have to own in every single format possible. (VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, and yes blu-ray.) Such films that I just need to have a massive collection for are Dangerously Close, Dawn Of The Dead, Amityville 1992 It's About Time, Waxwork/Waxwork II, Christine, and of course Ghoulies II.

I down right adore Ghoulies II.

Ghoulies is a brain child from the full moon days when they decided to cash in on the success of Gremlins. Such movies like Troll, Critters, and Ghoulies shortly followed. The first Ghoulies was made in 1985 which told the story of a man inheriting his family mansion where his father used to perform dark magic. Slowly becoming possessed by the power that still remains within the house's walls, the man and his girlfriend decide to throw a party inviting all of their friends. Here the lead summons tiny demons otherwise known as Ghoulies. These tiny creatures go on a zany rampage, and even crawl out of toilets to take a bite out of their victims. 

The original Ghoulies is a fun little cheesy mid 80's movie. I remember seeing the iconic poster of the little green creature popping out of the toilet, but besides that really nothing else. It wasn't until I was at school that my friend Amanda bought the double feature DVD and the two of us sculpted and watched the first three movies together. (Well, half of part III since as soon as they started to talk we got too digested and turned it off.) I was instantly hooked, loving these two movies and of course hunting them down on tape right away. 

I know how owning the original film on both DVD and blu-ray I have zero excuse on not revisiting it. In fact I would love to re-watch it and see if it still holds up in my eyes. So let's say this post will mostly just be a Ghoulies II review. The second I began watching Ghoulies II I knew this was a sequel that dare I saw it outdoes the original. Taking place at a carnival, this movie has pretty much nothing to do with the original storyline besides these little demons on the lose. Hitching a ride with a traveling haunted house called Satan's Den, they hide within the amusement park slowly attacking workers and guests, before escaping and causing complete chaos at the park. 

Ghoulies II if you honestly ask nearly anybody, is the more popular film out of the four part series. Everyone remembers Hardin Carnival, and of course the giant Ghoulie that steals the show in the final act. This movie plain and simple is my favorite. It's a fun little guilty pleasure movies with tons of memorable moments, adorable fun creatures, a great likable cast, and one hell of a showdown ending with in my eyes the best explosion ever seen on screen. Being a huge Ghoulies II fan, this was a movie I could re-watch over and over AND over again and never get tired of. It's one of my comfort movies that I'll never grow tired of and can't stop quoting whenever I watch it. (A great movie to watch with a group when you've had a few beers.) This is a movie you could show anybody from any age and they would enjoy it. Owning it on DVD, Laserdisc, and yes VHS (Thanks John!) I'm crazy about this movie. My friend Jeanette met William Butler at HorrorHound, where I was able to talk to him on the phone and ask him questions about filming it.) I have killer custom Ghoulies II earrings (with the giant Ghoulie on them) and even my phone case has the two leads on them, which always makes anybody who's seen my phone to raise their eyebrows in wonder.

I've even painted a full painting based off this movie for a friend of mine which hangs in his living room.

What can I say? I love this damn movie!

The second I heard Ghoulies and Ghoulies II was getting the royal VIP treatment by my favorite company Shoutfactory, finally being released on blu-ray, I was beyond psyched and pre-ordered it right away. Just this past week it finally came in the mail and I was blown away.

Now I've yet to watch the original Ghoulies yet on the disc or it's special features, but I have devored part II with it's features and loved every single second of it. Like I said, I really can't stress enough how Ghoulies II is one of my favorite movies ever, so finally seeing this released in the proper format it's supposed to be in warms my heart. 

My only few problems is, first why no new artwork? I understand it's a double feature, but a huge reason why I love Shoutfactory is the killer new artwork they get done for their movies. 99% of the time whenever they do release a double feature it always comes just with it's original artwork since the cover is split into two for both movies. Still, it would have been killer to see some new original artwork for these two iconic movies.

My second is I would have loved more features in the extras. I loved the ones they had, but a commentary would have been amazing as well as interviewing more of the cast. The fact they couldn't get Damon Martin (The film's damn lead!) or even mention him once in the features took me aback a little bit. Sad since this man was down right gorgeous in that movie. 

Besides that Ghoulies II delivered on all the goods. The movie is crystal clear really bringing out all the brilliant bright colors of the carnival. The sound is great, and the few features they do have were very enjoyable. Loved that the female lead thought the giant Ghoulie was as funny as I have. A great new addition to my Ghoulies II collection, I will and forever now get the chills whenever the heavy metal song blasts over that epic moving menu.

So for fans all over, I urge you to please go and buy the newest Ghoulies and Ghoulies II double feature on blu-ray!

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