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Amazing Stories - Welcome To My Nightmare

 Amazing Stories - Welcome To My Nightmare

PLOT - Horror movies are Harry's entire life. Obsessed with Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, this dorky teenager lives in a fantasy world, ignoring the pleas from his family to stop locking himself away alone watching movies, and try to get out to make friends. Day dreaming constantly, and ignoring any ignoring any friendly gestures from the cute girl next door, Harry tries escaping the real world one evening when the pressure seems too much and takes in a movie. There he can't believe his eyes when he's transferred into the famous black and white Hitchcock slasher. Stranded inside the movie, he's trapped at Bates Motel with Norman lurking in the shadows.

LOWDOWN - I remember watching a few random episodes of Amazing Stories years ago and enjoying them. I feel 80's Steven Spielberg pretty much captures the best of the best for feel good adventure movies. I mean the man honestly could do no wrong for these few years between Jaws and Jurassic Park. Amazing Stories was the family friendly version of the anthologies that were becoming so popular again in this decade (The revamp of The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Darkside, Tales From The Crypt, and Monsters.) Amazing Stories lasted sadly only two seasons, but for the handful of episodes it did run, it featured some truly amazing guest stars, stories, and memorable writing that felt as if classic 1950's comic book stories were brought to live weekly. Noticing both seasons were on Netflix, I decided to start slowly watching a few of these to see if they stood up. The few I did choose, I was beyond impressed. I started to notice just how many great directors worked on this show, along with how many truly amazing actors appeared on the show's brief run.

I decided to slowly try to trickle a few of my favorite episodes from the show and urge as many people as possible that have Netflix to check these out. I for one own the first season on DVD, but noticed how much better the episodes got in the second season. Here I found a tale titled Welcome To My Nightmare.

As a huge horror movie fan, I got a total kick out of the teenager completely obsessed with horror movies, most of which classic 1960 slasher classic Psycho. I adore the Psycho series (mostly the first two films.) These films becoming more popular than ever with the new Bates Motel TV series, it's always cool to see other pieces of popular culture paying tribute to it. 

I love whenever movies or TV shows cross over with other popular movies. They did it before with 976 Evil 2 where a teenage girl was transferred into a cross over between Night Of The Living Dead and It's A Wonderful Life.

Think that, along with the over all idea of Last Action Hero, which dares to ask the question what would you do if you could be transferred into your favorite movie and become one of the characters? When you really think about it, being zapped into a horror movie is down right terrifying. Still, it's a pretty cool idea for any movie buff. 

Here we have a dorky awkward teenage boy who lives within these movies, caught up in his own little fantasy. I love the scene when he's taking the trash out and all of the rotting zombies pop out. With some laughable moments, and of course the best being the final act when Harry is transferred into the actual movie himself, it's a fun little episode that you really have to give credit where it deserves to be. The reenactments are great, mostly with Harry screaming trapped in the shower and falling through the floor. 

With some noticable guest stars, and a cute little ending, Welcome To My Nightmare is a perfect movie to watch for any horror or Psycho fan out there!

 4 stars!

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