Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dawn of the dead on blu-ray

 Dawn of the dead on blu-ray

So I think it's been clear that New England has been buried by ten million feet of snow which results in Stacy being snowed in for the next million years. Lately if you follow me on this blog, FB, or even IG you might notice I've been re-watching over and over and OVER again the 1978 zombie classic Dawn Of The Dead. What can I say? I get on kicks with certain movies and can't stop. To me Dawn has always been a huge favorite of mine and a big reason why I love horror and makeup effects in general (blue zombies). Dawn is a comfort movie of mine that I watch whenever I'm down, and what better way to beat the winter blues than re-watching the same movie again and again and again. Even though for years Day of the dead has been a favorite of mine (the score, effects, characters, ect) I feel Dawn is the true masterpiece in the original dead trilogy for having the perfect setting, and most likable characters you were able to grow close with. After playing by special edition to DEATH (3 different versions...complete heaven) I decided it was about time to finally get around to upgrading and get this sucker on blu-ray.

Only problem.

Out. Of. Print.

Searching high and low I was finally able to get it for cheap on ebay and treated myself to this, wondering why Scream Factory hasn't gotten their hands on this title seeing that they did one hell of an amazing job with Day. Finally today, after pretty much busting up by ribs breaking up ice (I have strangely been in a week long hangover since this normal or am I turning into one of the living dead? I was surprised with a package in the mail and this waiting inside. Now snuggled up with my heater, I'm feasting on this classic for the first time in HD and all I have to say is...

Stunning. Simply stunning.

The remastered version of this film is complete and total eye candy for fans. Besides the 70's fashion this seriously looks as if it could have been made in the year 2015. The flashy rich colors seem to be jumping out at the screen and everything is beyond crystal clear. 

Now mind you all of the special features are things that have been included on the past DVDs, (kinda taken aback that the cast commentary or different versions didn't make it) but this by far is the best format I've watched this film on so far and can't urge collectors enough let alone dead fans to track down this blu-ray and watch it right away!

On a side note sorta bummed out. A friend and I were just bitching and moaning that there are legit no Dawn of the dead reunions around. I have met Ken several times (even at HorrorHound watched a table next to his and shot the shit with him for a good half an hour.) the man is charming as hell. But besides that (and Savini) I haven't met anyone else from the cast. Not Gaylynn, David, or Scott. Seeing that I'm a huge Flyboy fan (hoping to get him tattooed on me this year) I would love to meet him in person and just gush over the film. From all the Q&A's I've watched they seem like such awesome fun people and the cast commentary on the SE edition is one of my favorites to listen to. My friend who's a fellow Dawn fan expressed how much he would love to visit the filming locations (I've been to the mall before they changed pretty much everything, including the zombie museum) awesome for hard core fans but now you wouldn't even see it's the same with all these shootings ehhh...

But he did say he would love to attend a convention with me if there was ever a Dawn reunion. Well legit just three days ago I heard of Culture Shock, a convention linked to the Days Of The Dead shows in Indy which happens to have a full Dawn reunion. "Screams". Due to budget problems and timing, clearly this show is a no go "sigh..." but I urge anyone who's attending to please snap as many photos as possible. My dream is to meet Flyboy, so I'll be lurking on IG that whole weekend!


  1. I have it on 3 different VHS tape release, a 2 kinds of DVD, but have yet to update since the four disk box set

  2. The "Dawn" Blu Ray was one of the first Blu-Rays I bought. The Blu-Ray release really disappointed me, it wasn't as awesome as the 4 disc box-set. I look for someone to release it soon.