Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dangerously Close on blu-ray!

 Dangerously Close on blu-ray!

PLOT - At an elite high school a group of students form a group to put the undesirables in their place. It isn't long before things are taken too far and the leader of the group invites the school's head editor of the newspaper into the very strange and intense world that can be deadly.

This past Tuesday one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure 80's movies was FINALLY released on blu-ray. A format that this film truly needed after all these years. 

Dangerously Close.

The movie first got my attention years ago when I first discovered the movie Radioactive Dreams, which was directed by Albert Pyun and starring John Stockwell best known from his role in Christine. Always fascinated with these lesser known actors from the 1980's, I knew John has lived a very interesting life, and now has turned to the other side of the camera now directing films. After making King and Carpenter's masterpiece, for a short time in the 1980's John starred in some pretty awesome films such as City Limits, Losing It, and even Top Gun. My favorites though are his lesser known movies such as My Science Project, Radioactive Dreams, and Dangerously Close. These movies are cult classics in their own right and for some very off reason I have this odd hobby in collecting posters to decorate my downstairs den in. 

Radioactive Dreams was a colorful action-adventure, science-fiction, musical-fantasy in a post-nuclear world. Dangerously Close, made the following year took a more settle approach in toning things down and turning it into a sleek crime drama with a great soundtrack, and amazing cast.

This film is a huge favorite of mine. I have a massive poster of it in my den, the movie on VHS, DVD (thanks VHSPS, I seriously hounded those poor guys until finally it was released.), the killer soundtrack on vinyl, and even on tape. I was beyond thrilled when I learned the movie was finally getting some blu-ray treatment after all these years. 

I remember how frustrating it was watching this movie over the years on tape since the picture wasn't the greatest and in some scenes the lighting was so dark you couldn't see a thing. Now in HD, I legit feel speechless by how crystal clear and crisp the transfer is. There are few blu-rays that really grab my attention. This is one of them.

Sadly there are zip, and I mean zip for special features. (What I would have done for a commentary with Pyun and Stockwell.) but nevertheless beggars can't my choosers. I just feel lucky enough that they did such a great job making this great cheesy 80's fest as if it was shot just yesterday. Seriously every detail looks so clear and those club scenes! Those were some of which the picture was downright horrible. Now it's seen the way it was supposed to be seen, in which I can finally admire how beautiful the lighting is. 

Just a few years ago I had the complete pleasure of interviewing Puyn, and had the chance to pick his brain about this movie. I still remember one of the questions I asked as if he wondered if the movies would ever be released on blu-ray? Well, I'm glad this question has become a reality and now this underrated cult classic can get the respect it deserves as well as finding a new audience! 

5 stars!

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