Sunday, January 18, 2015

My choices for The Stand and Doctor Sleep cast

With news of The Stand in development of turning into a feature film, there has been tons of rumors about casts. Now mind you, I have my dream cast for this book. I have for years. These are all different actors raging from different periods of films I saw them in that I believed would play the part best. Here on the other hand is my realistic choices if King's epic is finally made. 

As for the IT cast, my choices for the adult cast will have to wait. Gotta do my research first. So instead, I picked a few choices in case Doctor Sleep would ever get made. So enjoy, and please let me know who you would pick!

The Stand

Stu Redman - Matthew Fox
Frannie Goldsmith - Emma Stone 
Randall Flagg - Jeffery Dean Morgan 
Nadine Cross - Jennifer Lawrence 
Mother Abigail - Angela Bassett 
Lloyd Henreid - Joseph Gordon Levitt
Harold Lauder - Haley Joel Osment 
Trashcan Man - Mathew McConaughey 
Larry Underwood - James McAvory 
Glen Bateman - Scott Wilson 
Nick Andros - Sam Clafin 
Ralph Brentner  - Sean Astin 
Tom Cullen - Channing Tatum 
Julie Lawry - Brie Larson 

Doctor Sleep 

Danny Torrance - Jensen Ackles
Rose The Hat - Famke Janssen
Crow Daddy - Zach Galligan 
Barry The Chink - Joseph Gorden Levitt 
Snakebite Annie - ChloĆ« Sevigny
Abra - Bailee Madison

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