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Coolest items in my collection part 1 out of 3

Coolest items in my collection part 1 out of 3

It's almost a rite of passage that if you are a horror fan, you must collect at least one certain type of thing. Posters? T-shirts? Dolls...excuse me, action figures, or even props. Whatever they are, you know you have a ton, and whenever a new version, edition, model comes out you of course needs to have it. Let's face facts, some of us need Intervention. So I decided to admit my addiction.

My name is Stacy Still, and I'm addicted to buying horror merch.

Ah, that's much better.

So here is the first out of three of some of my collection, certain items that are near and dear to my heart.

A Nightmare On Elm Street sneakers -
Back in 2006 I believe Nike released a small series of themed sneakers based off certain movies. The first I heard of was ones based off one of my all time favorite 80's movies Thrashin'. Shortly after I heard about the "Horror Pack" which were several different themed movie themed sets of sneakers that were being released based off elements from the movies. There was going to be Dawn Of the Dead ones, Friday the 13th, Child's Play, and A Nightmare On Elm Street. Right away I knew shortly after graduating high school and heading to my third monster mania that I had to get as many people as possible to sign these suckers. Lucky for me that Monster Mania had cast members from 1, 3, and of course of my favorite part 4 (which was released the same month and year I was born.) Over the last few years I've gotten almost 20-25 cast members to sign these babies including Freddy himself ;).

Halloween snow globe
I got this baby way back in 1998 when I bought the movie on VHS (I'll never forget calling the store where I bought this at, and was bitching about the black bars that were on the top and bottom of the movie.) Yep...I was bitching about what we like to call today widescreen. FML. This snow globe is very rare, and one of my favorite pieces. Sadly my sister decided to drop it off a shelf and somehow by the grace of God it didn't shatter, but Michael no longer stands up. He now lays behind the couch, from what I like to believe is him down for the count after the needle got jammed in his neck.

Intruder blu-ray AD
Back in 2011 at HorrorHound I'll never forget my friend Nate pointed out these babies laying on a table for the up coming and stunning release for my all time favorite slasher Intruder.  These stunning flyers were briefly released with Mr. Sam Raimi's handsome mug all over them. I'm BEYOND grateful I was  smart enough to snag one of these which is on my "Raimi" wall of my den. Hey, Raimi love is real love.

Zach Galligan's Waxwork II crew shirt
Ohhhh this shirt. If this shirt could talk. Few people can say they own a shirt Zach Galligan owned. I can. As the world's biggest Waxwork fan, I was lucky enough to win this in 2013 when Adam Green was doing his Hatchet III One Fund to raise money for the bombings that happened that spring. I scouted this fucking thing, and can't even begin to explain how amazing it felt to win it. Mr. Galligan is my favorite actor, and the Waxwork movies are my favorite films so the stairs alined for this one. I also own another Waxwork II shirt...I'm most likely besides the director these films the only person on this planet to own two, count them two Waxwork II shirts. Muhahahahaha!

Nightbreed blu-ray/books
Oh Nightbreed. Nightbreed, Nightbreed, Nightbreed. 2014 has been the year of Nightbreed. I was one of 10 thousand to have ordered the SE Shout Factory director's cut release. Now even tho I rather have the original version, I love my blu-ray and have watched it a bunch of times since getting it last month. In fact I'm in the 1000's, so believe it or not pretty low number compared to so many others. I also have the two Nightbreed books that show stunning photos of the Midian monsters, the screenplay, and production notes. These babies go for big bucks on ebay and I'm lucky enough to own all of them. 

Tales From The Crypt - Strung Along custom piece
I love owning custom pieces of artwork, mostly ones based off some of my favorites films. My good friend Tara Tara's Facebook met me via the internet and the fact we both share the same love for so many of the same things. I hired her in the summer of 2013 to design what would become one of my next tattoos I had been wanting for years. As we know I'm a massive Galligan fan, so I always loved the image of the first thing I ever saw him in as a kid. Tales From The Crypt. So we both brain stormed and in the end I let her go crazy in designing an awesome custom piece just for me. Tara is crazy talented and this baby is drawn JUST with color pencil. Yep, fucking looks like a photograph. = Mind blowing. Tara knocked this out of the park and this past spring I did in fact get a dead Galligan tattooed on me. This is by far my favorite piece of art I own.

The Midnight Hour VHS
The Midnight Hour is one of my all time favorite childhood favorites, along with films to watch around Halloween. I after YEARS of searching got this gem on bootleg before striking gold and finding an original VHS copy of it at HorrorHound in 2012 by chance. Kirsty my friend was awesome enough to get the lead Lee Montgomery to sign and leave me the best voice mail ever. Love this!

Custom Amytville 1992 artwork by Nathan Thomas Milliner
Yet again, more amazing custom artwork. This past summer Scream Factory and HorrorHound artist Nathan Thomas Milliner posted on Facebook that he was trying to save up money for that whole meet Robert in his Freddy makeup one last time thing, so he was offering a special. Custom horror pieces for cheap. Well I jumped on that and gave him the very odd request in sketching my favorite siblings from one of my favorite sequels. The Sterling children, Rusty and Lisa from Amityville 1992. Mind blowing to see Damon Martin and Megan Ward in art form. In fact, I may be the only person ever to have these two sketched for me.

All my Freddy dolls...I mean action figures!
I own a lot of of horror figures. Over the years I have gotten smarter and yes, they stay in their packages. Still, every once in a while I just can't help but go and buy a new figure that's been released. Never in a million years growing up would I think there would be figures from A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 or Freddy's Dead. Lately more and more and more figures based off so many of our favorite horror movies keep being released in different versions, based off different scenes, or even based off our favorite video games. Now mind you there are at least 4 figures missing from this photo but here are just a couple of my Freddy figures I've been collecting for years. What do I do with them? = nothing, they just stare at me in my den and office. Still, pretty impressive. (right?) muhahahaha!

Amityville 1992 pin
I'm nuts, I'll admit it. I love Amityville 1992, so of course I would own an original promotional pin for the video release from the 90's. Utter perfection. I adore all the pieces of my favorite items from my favorite films. Megan and Damon, it's waiting for you to sign!

So here's part 1, stay tuned for 2 and 3!

Please share yours, Can't wait to see!

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