Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 27 of 31 scenes of terror - The Nest (1988)

Day 27 of 31 scenes of terror - The Nest (1988)

The 27th scene of terror comes from another awesome underrated late 80's gem.

The Nest.

Taking a page out of the 1950's and comeback in the 70's of nature gone wrong, this was a delightful little surprise filled with good characters, amazing practical effects, and gore! Trust me if you are not a fan of bugs...stay away, stay far far away.

The Nest tells the story of a small sea side town that becomes infested with flesh eating roaches that don't typically die as fast as normal bugs. In fact whenever they eat something, they slowly transform into whatever they fed on. 

With some over the top and bloody moments The Nest is a must for any gore fan.

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