Wednesday, October 8, 2014

AMAZING announcement from Scream Factory - Ghoulies and Ghoulies II!

 AMAZING announcement from Scream Factory - Ghoulies and Ghoulies II!

Today Scream Factory has done it yet again in announcing that they are releasing another favorite films of mine this up coming spring. This of course being Ghoulies II. For me, this simply can't come soon enough!

Scream Factory lately has been killing it with their releases (Day Of The Dead, Nightbreed, Pumpkinhead, The Burning, Body Bags, Night Of The Comet, Witchboard, and Night Of The Demons) = Just to name a few! They have been cranking out classic after classic with awesome new artwork and amazing extras. Half of my blu-ray collection is half Scream Factory titles and I'm proud of it!

Seeing the both Ghoulies and Ghoulies II are going to get the HD treatment has my inner fan girl screaming on the inside. Now I can dream about there being some extras (mostly for part II, come on guys track down Damon Matin, I wanna hear him in a commentary!) but even if these films are just transferred to HD that would be cool enough (even tho my double feature DVD is pretty crystal clear). I hope in the up coming months we get some more info and hopefully some killer extras!

My phone case of Ghoulies II along with some killer Ghoulies earrings! 

Now if only they re-released Waxwork and Waxwork II

Hey a girl can dream right?!

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