Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stephen King questions

 Stephen King questions 

Favorite novel? - That's a tough one. Can I do top three? Cujo, Needful Things, and The Regulators. The runner ups have to be The Stand, Pet Sememtary, Night Shift, and Doctor Sleep. I hated The Shinning, but Doctor Sleep has been the best book I've read in years and really truly packed such an emotional punch for me I couldn't believe it.

Favorite short story collection? - That's easy, Night Shift. My favorite short story from that has to be Gray Matter. The next is Skelton Shift. I loved the short story Gramma. Which will be turned into a movie next year by the title of Mercy. 

Favorite Movie? - Christine

Favorite mini series - King sure goes know how to make a great mini series, the best has to be The Stand. Such an awesome epic that holds tons of childhood memories for me and my sister. The next is Rose Red. I wish that house was real! 

Favorite unknown King fact? - I wouldn't call these unknown facts but the first that King was so heavy into his coke habit and he doesn't even remember writing Cujo (insane) and that Zach Galligan read for the lead in Maximum Overdrive. - Maybe that would have saved that shit show...

King movie you liked better than the book? - Firestater

Favorite villain? - The True Knot from Doctor Sleep. I all ready have my dream cast if it's ever made into a movie! 

Favorite quote - "Norris also felt very blessed." - Needful Things. I really can't explain why I love this line, but it seems so fitting at the end of such a crazy ride you take reading Needful Things.

Grossest movie/book moment? - I would say in the Jaunt when the father wakes up to see that his son stayed away for the time travel "jaunt" and has aged and ends up clawing his eyes out after being driven insane. "Longer than you think dad! Longer than you think!"

Funniest movie/book moment? - I hate to say it but when Sam Raimi and Ossie Davis have their showdown together in The Stand. "BASTARDS!"

Saddest movie/book moment? - Um...the entire fucking novel of The Green Mile? As for other novels in Doctor Sleep when Dick gives Danny the lockbox. When Dennis doesn't know which coffin is Arnie's in Christine and puts his hand on one and begins to cry. In The Stand when Frannie makes Stu put his hand on what they believe is Nick's blood splattered on the porch step to promise that he'll come back.

Scariest movie/book moment? - In IT when the child is chased by the creature from the black lagoon or when the dead drowned kids slowly walk down the sand pipe after Stan. In fact the whole fucking novel of IT is terrifying. 

Book you'd like to see get turned into a movie? - Doctor Sleep of course or The Regulators. As much as I liked Desperation I feel had they made it on FX or HBO along with The Regulators they really could have made King's vision of these two novels come true.

Favorite hero? - Dan from Doctor Sleep or Alan from Needful Things.

Favorite overlap? - I love all the Castle Rock stuff of course in Needful Things dealing with Cujo, and The Dead Zone. I love polly going up to the old farm and thinking she saw glowing eyes in the barn. Or how in Gramma the little boy mentions how they live near Joe Chamber's, and of course in Gray Matter how the storyteller mentions how a friend who worked in the underground sewer works saw a giant spider rolling cats and dogs up in it's web and how it turned his hair white. 

Favorite male character? -  Nick from The Stand and Ben from Salem's Lot.

Favorite Dark Tower Book? - Haven't read them yet! "Gulp!"

Favorite female character? - Polly from Needful Things. Loved her backstory in the book.

Least Favorite book? - Hate to say this but I really didn't like Under The Dome. So far I dig the TV series but the book itself was horrible!

Favorite Richard Bachman book? - Desperation and The Regulators.

Least Favorite movie? - Bag Of Bones. My heart was broken with how it ended up. Great elements and yes I do own it and watch it every year but the casting was way off and I love that book!

The Biggest book you've read from King? - The Stand. I've read it three times.

Favorite King cameo? - Him as the pizza guy in Rose Red.

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