Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scream factory coasters!

Scream factory coasters!

Shout Factory...aka Scream Factory have been ruling as the greatest DVD company to be re-leasing some of the greatest classics in horror for the past several years. Horror fans alike can now look forward to whatever next favorite title of theirs will get the Scream Factory treatment with stunning new artwork, extras, and being transferred into crystal clear HD blu-ray format. I for one am a huge fan of Scream Factory. I own at least a dozen or so of there re-releases, and seriously love whenever new titles are announced. I nearly cried tears of joy when I saw that such movies like The Burning, The Howling, Night Of The Demons, and Prince Of Darkness were just a few of the many amazing films to get chosen. There are a few other companies that are making some truly awesome re-releases, but in my eyes SF earns the number one spot for the best number of films that have gotten the golden treatment. I can still dream that someday they choose Waxwork and Waxwork II. Damn you Lionsgate!

Anywho, what I love about Scream Factory is them being on Instagram. Fans from all over the world post awesome photos of their newest buys from them. The best is how people have fun with these photos, myself included. I've sorta begun a game of how to do themed photos according to what my latest Scream Factory buy is. This is all in good fun, but it's a gas to see who else does it. A fun stupid little way to get creative. What's even more awesome is how SF recognizes the effort from their fans.

Just last week I saw a special that SF was having for the summer. Buy one of their releases, and you get a pack of double sides coasters featuring some of the artwork that's graced the covers of their horror titles. This week I came home to my latest buy, Cat People and the pack of coasters.

Cat People, which is a film I've yet to review is a classic that now has brand new stunning artwork. With these new coasters (which will never have a glass on them) I yet again have to hand it to this company for doing fun little SWAG items like this such as buttons, T-shirts, and now these killer coasters. With a handful of awesome titles on the verge of being released this summer, I urge anyone to check out their website and start shopping away!

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  1. Are the coasters cardboard? They look pretty thin.