Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where are they now?

 Where are they now?

As a new feature on this blog, I decided to start trying my hardest in finding certain actors from my all time favorite movies. Tonight my choices come from one of the most underrated sequels in a horror series ever. 

This of course being Amityville 1992: It's About Time.

I have always loved the Amityville movies and for years I've always defended It's About Time. Not only is it a highly original movie, it still holds up today. Just lately I've rekindled my love for this movie and I honestly can't stop raving about it. In fact I'll be reviewing it next month for the blog The Moon Is A Dead World for Mayoween. I've even contacted my friend Tara who's a very talented artist to make me a custom piece based off it. Tonight I decided to kick start the whole "Where are they now?" I decided to pick my two favorite characters from the movie. 

Megan Ward - Lisa and Damon Martin - Rusty

Let's start with Megan...

Megan could pretty much be summed up as a total babe of the 90's. Starting her career off early she appeared in such cult classics as Trancers II and III, Encino Man, Freaked, PCU, and The Brady Bunch Movie. Megan appeared in Amityville 1992 when she was just twenty-three years old as Lisa the wide eyed innocent teenager who quickly becomes overtaken by the possessed antique clock. 

Turning from a sweet virgin, to a crazy slutty murdering, licking psychopath. Megan truly shinned and makes you never look at train models or guitar amps the same way again!

Megan continued a steady career in film and appearing on several popular TV shows before landing a role as Kate Howard on General Hospital for nearly four years. Still acting, Megan now tours the convention circuit (which this month will be at Chiller in NJ where my friend Jeanette is getting my Amityville laserdisc signed by her!) Married with children, Megan still looks just as beautiful as she did in 92 and is a highly underrated scream queen!

Next up is Damon...

Damon Martin is truly a jack of all trades. Starting off his career in Tim Burton's Pee Wee's Big Adventure, he quickly landed the lead role in Ghoulies II (A personal favorite) before going on to appearing in several TV shows such as 21 Jump Street, Freddy's Nightmare's, and Blossom. Damon if you can believe it was 27/28 when he played Rusty in Amityville 1992. Rusty was a very smartly written character as the metalhead who senses danger once his father brings home the cursed clock. 

I mean who doesn't love the "Oh God it's so horrible! What is? That your my brother..." scene. Love the look on his face when Megan licks his ear. Classic. 

Damon stopped acting right after Amityville before joining the band Naked which had two huge hits Mann's Chinese, and Raining On The Sky. Damon later founded two huge media film and music companies, as well as producing. One of his last projects was the Night Of The Demons remake. Damon is now an artist in LA, where he does stunning pieces based on endangered animals, and even designed the outside of a smart car. His work can be found on Facebook and it's truly stunning.

I dream is that both Megan and Damon start doing conventions together soon since after all these years they still have a following! Stay tuned this summer for the Amityville 1992 art piece I have in the makes which mainly will feature Lisa and Rusty!

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