Thursday, April 10, 2014

Newest additions to my Waxwork collection!

 Newest additions to my Waxwork collection!

It's been a while since I truly spoiled myself. So with some extras cash on the good old debit card, I decided to look around on the interwebs for some truly awesome treats to buy myself. Just this past December I discovered a very awesome web site called Rotten Rentals. These dudes sold custom VHS cases on more recent movies in tape form (The conjuring, You're Next, ect.) as well as VHS cases filled with cool little prizes and toys. One of my favorite things to do for my friends is every once in a while send them a care package filled with stupid bullshit (old trading cards and 20 year old gym, stickers, buttons, ect.) So of course this seemed like a web site for me. Also the prices aren't that bad at all! 6 dollars for these cases, and they are pretty well loaded with stuff. I looked around, and saw to my surprise that they had a Waxwork case. Well I waited a week to buy it and boom, it was taken off their list since they try to switch up the choices of movies a few times every month. So I waited. Just this past weekend I saw Waxwork was up again and sprang on the chance to get one of these tapes.

I came home yesterday to my package (whoa, talk about a fast delivery!) and squealed with delight when I opened it. First off, this is pretty good quality and the case wasn't flimsy or cheap. It took me back to the good old days of renting movies at the video store and I loved all the little prizes inside.

What I really like about this site is that if you summit your own artwork for you're own film or project they can make the image onto a VHS case for not bad prices. In fact for those who are trying to pitch a movie that's a pretty cool way to grab someone's attention. Also what a killer way for a party prize or gift bag...a gift tape case!

I urge anyone to check out this site, it's killer!

The second thing I ordered were two magazines from the UK called The Dark Side, both featuring artwork from Waxwork and Waxwork II: Lost In Time. I only flipped through both magazines but they seem pretty cool with brief articles on both movies. I'll admit, I got both of these for 7 bucks simply because of covers which are in perfect shape and look amazing next to my Waxwork stuff.

Did I also buy a Disney press kit for the movie Sky High...maybe...just maybe...

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