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Witchboard (1986)

 Witchboard (1986)

PLOT - A young couple are holding a house warming party where one of the guests who happens to bring a ouija board for entertainment. Forgetting the board, it's left behind the following morning where the young woman decides to ingore her friend's warnings in using the board alone contacts a spirit that isn't what it seems. It isn't long before friends are slowly killed off one by one and the woman becomes possessed by the spirit she contacted. 

LOWDOWN - I find with Scream Factory's new release of this film it would only be fitting if I decided to finally review it. I have very vauge memories of this movie as a child, mostly how scary the shower scene was since my biggest fear was being burned to death by hot spraying water (go figure.) I often got that scene and the shower scene from A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 often mixed up since both were showers gone wrong. It wasn't until November of 2010 when me and my friends staffed HorrorHound for the very first time. I can't even put into words the amount of fun I had at that first show, and I remember how excited my friend/roommate Jeanette got when she saw at the bootleg table that they had Witchboard. The following weekend when we returned to PA she showed me it at her apartment. Right away I couldn't believe how much I loved this movie. In fact I borrowed her DVD and fell asleep to it at school more times than I can even count. 

When I visited home I bought the movie on DVD and forced my father, sister, and her husband to watch it. By then I discovered Kevin Tenney's other cult classic Night Of The Demons and re-watching both movies over and over again at school were a staple. In fact Witchboard goes down in my top 15 favorite horror movies of all time.

With such a simple story, this movie seriously could have been told even today (if you take away the 80's hair and fashion.) With three very attractive likeable leads I loved the backstory on the three of them and the love triangle that went behind it. In fact never before was I more bothered than watching the scene at the lake where a character who "never shows emotion" breaks down crying holding his friend. Turly heartbreaking. With lots of clever cheesy deaths and effects, this movie is YET another reason why I'll never touch one of those boards. I can't tell you how many sleepovers I've been to before where somebody breaks one of these out and I simply shake my head and sit back. Sorry, don't wanna open the gates of hell thanks!

"Just a little bit of psychic humor...HA!"

With a great score and theme, this movie is visualy stunning with a cheesy over the top ending and I seriously have so many great memories laughing so hard I couldn't breath watching. I sadly didn't enjoy the sequels as much as I did the original, and even tho I feel the 80's were a perfect time for this movie to take place...a remake wouldn't be that bad. 

Looking forward to this great blu-ray which is loaded with extras my dream is to meet the cast someday. Mostly James W. Quinn, what a cuite!

"Come back and flatten your tires and STUFF!"

5 Stars!

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