Thursday, February 6, 2014

Night Of The Demons on blu-ray!

 Night Of The demons on blu-ray!

Tonight after picking myself up a pair of shoes for bar hopping this weekend in Boston, I decided to treat myself and pick up the newest release from Scream Factory. This of course being the 1988 Kevin Tenney classic...Night Of The Demons.

I first saw Night Of The Demons back at school after I met makeup artist Steve Johnson at HorrorHound. I've been a massive fan of Steve's work for years and overall just think he's one of the most handsome, humble, funny, and talented makeup artist out there. I've always been interested in his life/credits for what seems like forever and meeting him in person was a huge deal. In fact the autograph I got was a cast photo from Night Of The Demons. That show I decided to pick up a bootleg copy and watch it with my friend Jeanette that night, dying laughing and watching it two times in a row, truly being blown away by what an awesome movie it was. In fact I was pretty stunned it had taken me so long to watch it. 

Jeanette was the same person who showed me Kevin Tenney's Witchboard, which I'm a HUGE fan of. Night Of The Demons was a great follow up that seriously in my eyes after the original John Carpenter's Halloween is the perfect October film. With an amazing score, soundtrack, likable characters, AMAZING effects, a creepy storyline, great monsters, and an even better ending...this movie sums up what I love about horror movies and the 1980's. What can I say, 88 was a great year for horror.

What I love about this movie is the memories it has behind it for me. My last semester at school all of my roommates and most of my friends had graduated so I spent a good deal of those last four months in my apartment working, and recovering for a surgery I had just had. For some very strange reason this was a comfort movie for me in which I would seriously watch three or four times in a row. Night after night after night I would watch my shitty bootleg and love every second of it. In fact after I graduated and I spent the summer with my sister I had a good laugh showing her and her husband this gem. When I found out Scream Factory was releasing a SE edition of NOTD and a re-release of Witchboard I was in heaven. Tonight I grabbed a copy, of course loving this new artwork. Love that Linnea Quigley is front row in center, and if the artist is at HorrorHound next month I know I gotta pick myself up a print. 

As of right now I'm relaxing listening to the great commentary, love them all pretty much talking about doing coke while filming. Can't wait to plow thru the extras, and love the menu! Scream Factory, you amaze me!

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