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Creepshow 2 (1987)

 Creepshow 2 (1987)
"From us to you...it's Creepshow 2."

PLOT - Three more bone-chilling tales that include a vengeful wooden Native American, a monstrous blob in a lake, and a hitchhiker who wants revenge and will not die. 

STORY 1 -  Old Chief Wood'nhead

Lowdown - I feel Creepshow 2 started off very strong. In fact my only three main problems with this movie is A). It should have been released closer to the original, say in 1984 or so. B). It should have had 5 stories like the original. And C). That God awful wrap around story...ehh. Since when did the Creep look like a ghoul? I liked the original wrap around story in the first movie, as did I like the original creep. This shitty cartoon wrap around story just wasn't my thing. I really honestly wish they had a bigger budget so they could have made a worthy wrap around like the first film. "Sigh...wishful thinking..." Anywho, it took me years to see the charm of Old Chief Wood'nhead, but just last night while knitting, (yes, I knit, don't judge) I decided to re-watch this little guilty pleasure and believe it or not was really enjoying myself. First off I really liked how they shot the first two segments in AZ. I've always thought that state was stunning (maybe because they never get snow) but I loved the little town of Dead River. With two screen vets playing the likeable sweet eldery couple who run the small general store, you can't help but feel a pang straight in your heart when those asshole teenagers hold up their store. I found this tale of revenge very well done, and believe it or not just last night I noticed the wooden Indian moving a whole lot more than I remember as a kid. I found the ending perfection, and really loved the ending shot. Props.

STORY 2 - The Raft

Lowdown - This is usualy everyone's favorite, and rightfully so. The Raft was based off Stephen King's short story in Skelton Crew. This screen adaption did the story to justice, and even though we always view that massive blob as a bunch of trash bags, it still makes us think twice before jumping into a lake. First off the setting for The Raft was beyond stunning, my life's mission is to someday visit that lake and hopefuly not get swallowed up by whatever black mess that was floating in the water. With a bunch of asshole teens stranded on the raft, it honestly makes you begin to think "What would I do?" With plenty of cringe worthy moments, great effects (all besides the single shot of what appears to be a box floating underneath the black mess, The Raft is horror perfection. I'm sure we all remember the scene where the kid lifts up the sleeping girl's blouse to grab a feel, only to have it end with stomach turning results. With an awesome twist ending, I would say The Raft is by far the strongest story in this entire movie.

STORY 3 - The Hitchhiker.

Lowdown - This is by far the scariest out of all three stories. A solid effort, even though I still feel they could have done two more for good measure. With a very unlikeable lead, played by a very well known actress we get to see something we're not exactly used to seeing on screen. A woman visiting a male whore. Ah, gotta love the 80's. Being a stuck up snob of a woman, she's been sleeping with this guy in order to get off for the past few months behind her wealthy husband's back. Like an idiot she over sleeps and races to get home before her husband is due to arrive. Instead of being logic and thinking of a good excuse, she races home like a horrible liar and accidently hits a hitchhiker. Speeding away, leaving it a hit and run, the woman begins being haunted by the dead man she ran over for the reminder of the ride. I gotta say nothing was scarier than the first shot when she sees the hitchiker wandeirng down the highway holding his sign and waving to her. With some pretty funny moments, and lot's of action we watch this ghost turn to bloody mush as he keeps repeating the best line of all time "Thanks for the ride lady!"

With a shitty wrap around story I won't even begin to start bitching about, Creepshow 2 was a good effort. It was released at the downward time of the 80's for horror, but still has gained a cult following. I feel they tried to repeat the same magic that happened years ago with the massive crew they had and just didn't make the cut. Like I said, had it been released eariler in the 80's, had five stories, and changed the look of the creep we would have been in business.

Still as for sequels it's a fun little horror movie that has some great effects, and some classic moments.

3 stars!

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