Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2 - Night Of The Creeps

 Day 2 - Night Of The Creeps
So due to computer issues with my older than the hands of time laptop, I'm somehow going to still try to pull off my 31 days of terror challenge. Yesterday I reviewed the highly underrated slasher film Pieces. Today I sat down and watched one of my all time favorite horror/80's movies. This being Night Of The Creeps.

Instead of the usual review I'm going to try and jazz things up a bit and change things. Today I'm going to briefly express my love for this movie and of course talk about how I'm still YET to meet actor Jason Lively from this film.

I remember years and years ago Night Of The Creeps played on cable one night and I caught the last forty-five mins for so. Blown away I still clearly remember grabbing the first blank tape I had and just having to record this movie that seemed to have everything a true fun horror movie should have. Years passed and I finally saw the reason why I adored this movie. Yep, that's right...same director as one of my all time favorite childhood movies The Monster Squad, Mr. Fred Dekker also directed Night Of The Creeps just a year before. Blown away I bought a bootleg copy of this film and the rest if history. 

After a mind blowing release for The Monster Squad fans finally got a release of Night Of The Creeps on blu-ray/DVD. I myself am a MASSIVE fan of this movie. In fact I even saw it TWICE, count em TWICE on the big screen up in Boston. This is a cult classic that has finally gained the respect it deserves after many years in the shadows.

Years passed and once I went away to school I remember meeting a good number of people by wearing my Fright Rag's Night Of The Creeps shirt. My next semester in typical Stacy fashion I also made the two lead characters as a project of mine. Sick...I know.

After all these years Night Of The Creeps is still a HUGE favorite of mine. Always a must to watch a few times a year and never fails to bring a smile to my face. The movie seriously has everything a fan could want. We have a killer 50's black and white opening, weird peach colored aliens, brain sucking slugs, a likable cute cast, Tom Atkins, an asshole bad guy, a killer soundtrack, zombies, axe murders, zombie cats, and gore...lots and lots of gore. With tons of memorable moments and lines I honestly have to hand it to Dekker for making two near perfection 80's classics right in a row. Also for those who have seen the original ending with the spaceship going over the graveyard, I'm sure I'm not alone mourning over the fact this film never got a sequel in the early 90's. 

In closing I honestly still can't believe Fred Dekker and Tom Atkins are the only members of the cast I've met. I was lucky enough to meet Fred back in 2007 for the epic Monster Squad reunion in Cherry Hill NJ, where I also met Tom and of course acted like a complete fan girl idiot when he kissed my cheek (silver fox...just saying.) I've seriously had a crush on Atkins ever since I saw The Fog when I was 7. (...don't judge.)

I'm a little bummed out since there seemed to be a ton of reunion shows for the cast a few years back now it's sorta slowed down. I'm still dying to finally meet the cast...most of all Mr. Jason Lively. I love Jason, of course in European Vacation "Oink oink my good man!" and Night Of The Creeps. Jason also re-teamed with his co-star Jill in the very strange and weird movie Hollywood Monster aka Ghost Chase. Which I have a german poster for. My goal is to finally meet this guy since one of my favorite horror moments is watching him and Jill kill tux clad zombies on the front lawn of that house. 

5 stars!

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