Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday the 13th!

 Happy Friday the 13th!
Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Yes it's that wonderful day that only happens once or twice a year. Much like other fellow horror nerds, I celebrate today as sorta a holiday. In fact next Friday the 13th I'm gonna be that asshole who goes to the tattoo shop to try and get one of those 13th/13$ deals. I mean really why not?! Yesterday and today I celebrated in style. I watched Friday the 13th part IV The Final Chapter, Friday the 13th part V A New Beginning, and part 2 (random order...yes) I of course finished the night watching some of my favorite episodes from the TV series. Then today I watched part VI Jason Lives, and part VII The New Blood. Kicking back I joined that new awesome Friday the 13th group run by John Squires (Freddy In Space ) where fans could gather and do a live chat watching The Final Chapter. For the past hour or so between some classy drinks I was able to chat with some good friends and talk about pretty much everything but the movie we were watching. I'm ending my night watching Jason Goes To Hell wearing my Fright Rags Final Chapter shirt. So to all my fellow horror friends, Happy Friday the 13th!

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