Monday, July 15, 2013

Your butt is golden.

  When most people decide to go on vacation, they want to go somewhere exotic and new. They travel to beaches, campgrounds, foreign countries. It's no wonder then,when I took my vacation this last week and people asked me "Where are you going?" I received a baffled look with my answer, "Carlisle, PA". But there is a very good reason why I would travel so far to a small town I have never heard of. The answer, Christine.

Awhile back I wrote about how my dear friend Stacy had gotten me hooked on the movie Christine. I got to see her get all giddy to see the Christine exhibit at Horrorhound Cincinnati this past March, and she somehow passed this obsession to me. When I first heard there was going to be a Christine reunion in Carlisle I pushed it aside but it kept creeping in to my mind, until I decided I need to see Mr. William Ostrander again. Because once wasn't enough.

After a train ride from Chicago to Pittsburgh, a taxi to Pittsburgh Airport to rent a car, my friend Erica and I started the car ride to Philadelphia. Since Carlisle is near we decided to spend the day in Philly. We first arrived at Easter State Penitentiary. If you haven't seen it, its worth spending a few hours in. Most of the prison is in ruins, but walking the grounds your accompanied with a headset and Steve Buschemi telling you the history and tales of this castle like prison that sits in the middle of downtown.

After ESP, we had enough time to go to the Mutter Museum. Also another great place to witness the most disturbing objects. It will also make you paranoid that you may have any and all diseases lurking in your body. Sadly you can't take photos inside the museum, but we saw pieces of Einstein's brain, a wall of skulls, body cast of Chang and Eng, and other gross, very gross items.

We were going to conquer the Rocky stairs but were caught in a torrential downpour. We decided to call it a day and drive the 2 hours to Carlisle and our hotel. Unfortunately I found out to late that Christine and cast were at a local theatre that night. Damn.

We then made our way to the Carlisle Fairgrounds. The place was huge and did I mention that this was a car show. It was booth after booth of guys selling rusty parts of cars, tools, and random other car parts. 

Yes we travelled all the way from Chicago to a car show, just to meet the cast of Christine. Once we found where the cast was located we made our way to the room. It was filled with antique cars that all looked amazing. It was also pretty cool to see so many people excited to see Christine and see that the cast was also there. We jumped in line to get our stuff signed. 

First we went to William Ostrander. Did I mention that I kinda got a crush on this man. We patiently wait in line as people keep cutting because they don't understand how a line works. It's ok because I had more time to stare at him. When he's talking to on guy he ask what his favourite seen is, in which I chime in " I love it when you bark at the teacher".  He smiled at me and kinda laughed. I finally got up to him and shook his hand which he complimented me on my nice firm handshake. He asked to see my chest tattoo in which I show him some and he says that's nice too. I pull out my poster (a gift from miss still) of him standing in front of Christine. I ask him to sign his butt, and he ask what I would prefer silver or gold. I say gold because his butt is golden. I also mention that I have been watching North and South and that he has got a lot of really good shirtless scenes. He tells us the story of filming Mike's Murder in which he has to perform a striptease. He said he was embarrassed about his dad and brother seeing it, but he said his dad called him and asked if he would pop out of a birthday cake for some woman in town. Wish that was my birthday cake. I was smiling like a idiot and asked to get a picture with him. He was super nice and still looks handsome as he did 30 years ago.

Next was Alexendra Paul. She laughed that Ostrander signed his butt. She started signing my poster and copied what he wrote which was "To sexy melissa" in which she started laughing and said a girl can call another girl sexy. She also said she should draw a arrow to his butt to and I said go ahead its a nice butt.

We then talked to Malcolm Danare. I was given a question from Stacy to ask, which I did because i had to find the answer too. "How was it grabbing John Stockwell's balls" He just shook his head and said that we were bad. "Was it a handful" No answer. Just laughing.

Last was Steven Tash. All I got to say was why is he holding a picture of himself. 

 We had to get back on the road to Pittsburgh to get the midnight train back to Chicago. It was such a packed 2 days but so worth it. I can't wait for the next Christine reunion!

We started to look like homeless people with bags and wearing pajamas. 

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