Friday, July 19, 2013

The road to Waxwork continues...

 The road to Waxwork continues...
As most of you know, just last week I started a Facebook page to try and raise numbers/show support in showing Lionsgate (the studio who currently holds rights to both Waxwork and Waxwork II: Lost In Time) that still after twenty-five years, the two Waxwork movies have a very strong cult following. What my mission is set out to be is to keep raising numbers and showing the support so finally, hopefully some day the studio will decide to give these two movies the treatment they deserve and release them both on SE blu-ray. With tons of help from Chris MacGibbon (The man behind getting The Video Dead released last year on blu-ray) I've started the process of spreading the work and getting fans from all over to like the page and check out what I'm doing. 

So far with the page just being up a week, we've gotten over one hundred likes, and just last night I was interviewed by Chris, Todd, and Mike from Horror Society for their show Creep Show radio where you can listen to the last night's show here...

I've expressed my passion as a huge Waxwork fan, and like I've said time and time again, my goal is modest. For the time being all I want is to show the support from the fans in wanting to see these two cult classic films released the way they deserve. 

With new updates, photos, and interviews I'll try my hardest to keep this fan page as interesting and as awesome as any Waxwork fan could want it to be. 

Also here's a quick interview from me talking about my little project in trying to raise support for these films over on Horror Society's page. Thanks guys, it's been an honor!

So like I said, stay tuned for lots of updates and let's keep those numbers climbing!

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