Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mark and Sarah together again!

 Mark and Sarah together again!
This weekend there's a convention called Fandom Fest held in KY. A few of my friends are working as vendors at this pretty cool event, and even though I've heard mixed reviews about the show's outcome over the past twenty-four hours, my heart was warmed when my friend Kristy Jett posted this photo on my Facebook page this morning. 

Zach and Deborah or should I say Mark and Sarah together again after twenty-five years. 

Yep, it's a mini Waxwork reunion!

"Sigh..." If I was a billionaire I totally would have flown out just to see these two guys. I have still yet to have the pleasure to meet Deborah who also starred in personal favorites of mine (Valley Girl, and April Fools Day). Zach who I feel everyone knows who's read this blog hands down has been my all time favorite guest that I've met over the many years of attending conventions. I hope very soon a local show via HorrorHound or Monster Mania will do a Waxwork reunion so I can interview these guys for my page to get the movies out on blu-ray. I've been searching high and low for any photos of these two over the weekend to post on my Waxwork page. It truly warms my heart as a fan to see Mark and the original Sarah together again after all these years. ALSO look at how awesome they still look! They truly have aged like a fine wine. I feel when I do meet the two of them in the future I'm just gonna geek out like the fan girl I am and make then react the scene where Mark drops Sarah off at her apartment building, or better yet when he saves her from being whipped. Sick...I know.

Stay tuned if I find more photos of these two. Like I said it warms my heart that Mark and Sarah are together again 25 years later. Long live Waxwork!

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