Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Best Stephen King adapations

  Best Stephen King adaptations 

There has honestly never been a better storyteller than writer Stephen King. For decades his novels have become terrifying nightmares, and of course very memorable films. Here is my list of some of the best, and some of the worst adaptations from Stephen King's novels.

The Best


The Dead Zone


Stand By Me

Pet Sematary

Riding The Bullet


The Mist

The Worst

Maximum Overdrive 
Graveyard Shift

The Dark Half

The Tommyknockers 
Needful Things

 Side note -
Of course I love many things King have written over the years. I adore The Stand and IT mini series, but for those who have read the novels, they are SO much better than what ended up being made. Still, those mini series captured the spirit of those amazing books and were huge parts of my childhood. I also enjoyed King's work in Silver Bullet, Cat's Eye, and The Creepshow films. I also loved the original and mini series of Salem's Lot and Rose Red. One film I find by King that's actually TEN times better than the book itself is Firestarter. Besides a few problems with the casting, I have always enjoyed the Drew Barrymore film MUCH better than King's Novel. 

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