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As the week comes to a close, thank you Mr. Galligan...thank you.

 As the week comes to a close, thank you Mr. Galligan...thank you.

Words can't truly express what a pleasure and dream it completely was meeting Zach Galligan. I have been attending and working horror conventions for years and never before did I have so much fun meeting an icon that I have always associated with my childhood. Zach was everything I hoped he would be. Not only was he humble, friendly, funny, and had some really amazing stories to share with me, he also took the time to sign every single thing I brought to him. (I think the total number of tapes, 8X10s, lobby cards, laserdiscs, VHS tapes, and comics came to be maybe twelve?) He signed every single one, and took the time talking about each item and movie. Director Adam Green has said before what a great storyteller Zach is, and trust me I'm one to completely back him up on this. Zach's stories and little tidbits about his roles are utterly amazing. Zach also took the time humoring me in taking plenty of silly photos and letting me record my all time favorite line from Waxwork II. Also, I was dorky enough to give Zach a Waxwork 3D comic book, expressing my thanks for finally meeting him and he was a complete gentlemen in receiving it. When I went to Zach's Q&A I was seriously blown away (first off the intro clip showing all of his movie clips with the Gremlins theme playing had me grinning from ear to ear. I have attended dozens of Q&A's, and Zach's by far was the most interesting. This guy like I said has the best stories and was very funny. What really touched me was the fact he remembered by name when I asked my question about his cameos in Hellraiser III and Warlock 2. He even commented that he likes to try and remember the name of every single person he meets. This meant a lot simply because you meet so many people at shows like this and for a few minutes it truly as a fan means the world to do and then bang they forget about you as you leave the table, Zach showed that he's not only an 80's icon, he's a great actor, and one hell of a down to earth kind of guy. Anyone who makes an effort to be nice to their fans is totally awesome in my book. I loved listening to all of Zach's answers and couldn't agree with him anymore about his thoughts on remakes.

I also loved his little story of him donating the shirt from Waxwork II for Adam Green's One Fund that week that I was also attending.

The next day I met him, sadly a few of my many autographs I got, rubbed up against each other in my bag and got a little smudged. The worst of which was by Cupid VHS. Going back to Zach I told him I was flying out and explained what had happened while saying my goodbyes and he was nice enough to resign my tape for me and told me a little bit about how he got the role in Cupid and how disturbed his mother was when he showed her the movie years ago. Zach took photos with me and that awesome video and was very, very, very sweet.

On Wednesday when I attended Adam Green's silent auction, I had my eyes on Zach's Waxwork II crew shirt he had donated. I was about to bid a very embarrassing amount of money on this puppy simply because if anyone knows me they know what a massive Waxwork fan I am, mostly it's very strange and awesome sequel. Seeing this, I knew as a true Waxwork fan I had to try and get my hands on it since all the money was going towards such a good cause. Well after three straight hours of watching it like a hawk, I ended up winning it.

Getting this shirt I'm still in complete awe over. I mean this was Zach's personal own crew shirt from Waxwork II. A shirt he's kept for over twenty-two years. Here I was able to get a tiny piece of history from one of my all time favorite actors and movies. I seriously was beyond blessed to get a chance to win such a thing and I'm forever grateful it went toward such a great cause. I am still in a daze over this. Getting this shirt as a true Waxwork fan made my year. I was also lucky enough to go downstairs after the auction ended and have the chance to talk and hang out with Zach at the bar. Yet again, friendliest guy around. He's such a legit guy who you can just shoot the shit with and feel comfortable. Seriously being able to talk one on one with an icon I've looked up to for years meant the world to me. Zach was a total sweetheart and I was very lucky to get the chance to talk with him, listen to some of his stories, be able to gush over the fact I had the shirt, and get a few questions answered. Zach, thank you...I seriously can't stop saying it.

I was also able to have some of my good friends meet Zach who proved yet again what an awesome guy he was. These girls drove all the way from New York in a rain storm to catch the very tail end of this party but said it was worth while since Zach was such a sweet and cool guy. That entire night after we drove back I couldn't get over how I had won the shirt and had the chance to hang out with him. I mean seriously who gets to meet their favorite actor twice in one week?!

Thursday was the Hatchet III party where I was able to watch all three Hatchet movies and listen to stories about the making of these movies from the cast and crew. Here I was also given the great privilege to see Hatchet III two weeks before it's set to be released. This was also the very FIRST time an audience along with the cast got to see the final cut of the movie. Here Zach just sat a couple of feet away. I'm still spectacles I got to see an epic conclusion to such a great original trilogy with the actors from it. Seriously, still can't get over it.

The movie without spoiling it was by far the best one yet. I loved every single moment of it and have never had so much fun watching a movie with an audience before. Zach, you totally made the movie, and that ending when the lights came up and everyone began to clap I seriously got goosebumps. This was by far a night I will never forget and count myself lucky for being forever a Boston fan, and a Hatchet fan.

The end of the night had the cast line up outside to sign for the fans, and here I brought my Waxwork II shirt for Zach to sign. It's a shame the guys who ran the theater kicked everyone out so fast, would have loved to buy Zach a shot. Guess I'll get you next time Zach! Totally deserve it after being so awesome in this movie.

Zach yet again was awesome as we talked about the movie. This was remember again the first time he had seen it as well so we talked about how great the editing was and gushed over how amazing he was. Here he asked if it was my favorite Hatchet yet and I said of course in which he laughed knowing why I really enjoyed it which I didn't deny. We talked a bit more before he signed by shirt (which really meant the world to be, seriously this week has been so insane I can't even count by luck.) My final goodbye to Zach was a bitter sweet one. We took a photo with my cookie sheet Ipad, which he said he would never forget (yep, I'm that asshole who takes photos with an Ipad.) and we took a very cute photo together which I think showed how exhausted he was and how wired I was. I hated to leave (had to work in a few hours after that.) but I wished Zach a safe trip back home and as I walked away I really counted myself lucky to be able to have such an amazing week.

Zach, thank you. I know I sound like a crazy fan girl but thank you so much. I have loved the two Waxwork movies and have been waiting to meet you for so long. I really don't think anyone knows how much this meant to me, so just so many thanks to Zach for being the talent, friendly, awesome guy he is. I now own a shirt that I seriously feel honored to have, I was able to watch a movie for the first time with him, starring him, and I have so many memories I can't even count. Zach, you are a class act and as God as my witness I want to see these Waxwork movies get released on a proper blu-ray version. Zach as much as I love all of your movies you will forever be Mark Loftmore from the Waxwork movies. You appeared in the first movie the same year as I was born and as dorky as this sounds, I watched this movie whenever I felt down in the dumps or needed cheering up. This may come off as weird, but both movies never failed to not cheer me up. Zach I look forward to meeting you some day again, and seeing your future work. You are a very talented kind man and I will always support you. Thanks for making the Waxwork character this iconic awesome staple in my childhood, and thank you for making a fan girl like me feel they had their dreams come true.

Zach, I look forward to watching future projects with you, and telling everyone I know what a truly amazing guy you really are.

A million thanks! 

Love - Stacy...the ultimate Waxwork fan

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