Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Waxwork problems...

Waxwork problems...

For those who have been following my blog, they know that for the past five or so months I've had a trip planned to attend Spooky Empire in Florida to meet actor Zach Galligan. I'm a huge fan of Zach, not only for the Gremlin movies, but for the two Waxwork films that I'm border line obsessed with. Well, after missing Blood On The Beach, that Zach was attending, I promised myself the next convention that he would be at on the East Coast, I would go to it no matter what. Soon I noticed Spooky Empire, and bang got my plane ticket no questions asked.


Thanks to the wonderful Freddy in space I learned that director Adam Green is having a pretty sweet Hatchet themed week in his home state of MA to raise money for the Boston bombing that just happened last month. Bouncing around, he's doing a Hatchet party with stars from the series INCLUDING...........................................................

Zach Galligan.


The party sounds super legit and is only five bucks for tickets which will go towards the fundraiser with a special screening of Hatchet III.

What makes me laugh is this is legit taking place the week after I fly all the way out to Florida to see him.

Ah...see I should have listened to some friends. They warned me this was going to happen. That flying all the way to a convention for one person isn't exactly smart, most of all with them appearing in a new horror movie this year of COURSE their going to do the convention circuit. Now I'm not mad at what happened, in fact I just called up my best friend and left a pretty hysterical voice mail of me just laughing sharing my luck. I mean really I do get to meet the man twice in one month. I'm taking with me to Florida so much shit for him to sign it isn't even funny, yet still...had I known about this. Maybe blowing all this money on the plane ticket wouldn't have happened.


Still I got some friends to visit down in Florida so it isn't a complete waste, and on the plus side I'll meet Mr. Galligan twice in less than a week and hopefully he'll either get a good laugh out of this or get super creeped out. Anyway I feel I claimed the title of most devoted Waxwork fan ever.

Also in breaking news Dana Ashbrook from Twin Peaks and Waxwork has been added to the September show for HorrorHound!

I'm going to go crack a beer now and cry while watching Waxwork II. 

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