Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mayoween - The Moon Is A Dead World - Waxwork Review!

 Mayoween - The Moon Is A Dead World - Waxwork Review!

Today my review for my all time favorite movie Waxwork was posted today on the ever so awesome blog The moon is a dead world in honor of "Mayoween". Pretty much counting down the half way mark to our all time favorite October holiday. This month reviews from bloggers all over will post from their favorite horror movie and talk about them gearing up as we ever the tail end of spring, branching off into summer. For me for some strange reason Waxwork has always felt more like a summer movie than anything else. Very honored to be able to write for this very awesome blog. So go on and check out my wonderful post of me rambling about how much I love Waxwork and it's very bizarre sequel!

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