Monday, May 20, 2013

Daddy's Girl - Another reason why gingers are scary...

Daddy's Girl - Another reason why gingers are scary...

PLOT - A girl's bright smile masks a psychopathic soul that will eliminate anyone who comes between her and her doting father.

LOWDOWN - I first saw this little gem five or so years ago when it first aired on Chiller (back when the channel was actually good.) This was one of the regular movies that aired during the summer and I caught it one afternoon and couldn't believe how much I really enjoyed it.

Believe it or not from 1990-1998 there were some pretty good underrated horror movies that sadly never got to see the light of day due to the weird limbo the world of horror seemed to be stuck in for most of that decade. In fact unless you were a sleek Scream like movie with a cast full of television stars, you really weren't going anywhere besides direct to video.I truly feel the 1990's, at least the first half of the decade doesn't get the respect it deserves since the 1980's was when things really blew up. I hope in the future to do a post of some of the best and most underrated horror movies from that decade. Daddy's Girl rings true like a classic crazy Lifetime movie (which I might add in the 80's and 90's there were some pretty amazing and creepy ones.) Telling the tale of a young little girl who's been adopted a year or so eariler by a couple...she seems almost perfect. a very ginger sort of way, sweet, and always seems to have the right thing to say. Well sadly that isn't the case.

This girl is fucking nuts.

I feel they tried to make yet another classic killer out of the little girl character and due to poor writing it sadly fell flat. The one liners that the end made me feel I was watching a Child's Play movie instead. I mean yeah we get it, she's a little girl and she's bat shit crazy...same story different movie. In fact this almost seemed like a Problem Child movie gone wrong. We got the ginger child, and complete madness. Throw in John Ritter and we would of had one crazy sequel.

Still, I did enjoy the cast (House and Carrie's William Katt) Michele Greene, and Roxana Zal. I liked showing the cracks that were showing in what seemed like this perfect all American family. How the dad is a failed toy maker who gets to spend all his time with their newly adopted daughter who is spoiled rotten and the complete apple of his eye while the wife is stressed, working full time, and thinking a divorce might be the best answer. I liked how the little girl character begins picking off anyone who gets in her way of her and her father once summer vacation starts. Some of the deaths were pretty good, and I loved whenever she flipped out and started screaming like a little brat. You just loved the hate this little shit.

A pretty good thriller with some cheesy moments and an ending I feel that could have been explained a little bit better. I was dying to see this little brat finally get what she deserved. Still the back story was pretty great, and as annoying as this kid was she did play crazy very well.

So if your looking for a good horror movie to watch as the weather gets warmer, or you have a great hate for gingers who kill...Daddy's Girl is your movie.

3 Stars!

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