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Jurassic Park - Still one of the best movies to come out of the 90's

 Jurassic Park - Still one of the best movies to come out of the 90's

Just yesterday a friend and I decided to sell out 15$ each to go see Steven Spielberg's 1993 classic Jurassic Park in theaters due to the fact it got released in I-MAX 3D this month. Now I rarely ever dish out that much money to go see a movie. In fact I've only seen several movies in I-MAX and feel you really need to see the right movie to justify it. In fact just last month I saw Sam Raimi's Oz The Great And The Powerful in I-MAX 3D and it was amazing! As soon as I saw one of my all time favorite childhood movies being re-released I knew I needed to see this movie on the big screen since sadly at age 5, I missed the chance when it first came out.

I have many fond memories re-watching this movie over and over and over again growing up. In fact wherever my VHS copy of this film is I'm sure it's pretty worn out. To me as a child this was one of the most scariest and magical movies that kept my attention from start to finish. 

In fact years later this movie became a staple to me, I could quote it all day long and never get tired of it. In fact I've even gained a high respect for this film due to it's special effects mixing CGI and animatronics so flawlessly. I still feel this and T2 had some of the best computer effects ever made and they still even hold up to today's view.

Even though I'm only a fan of a handful of Spielberg's work, mostly Jaws...I feel Jurassic Park is his second greatest movie ever made. 

After seeing it again yesterday I have yet again a new found respect for this movie. In fact from what I heard the novel is downright terrifying and I've been on the lookout for it. This movie was insanely ahead of it's time and storytelling at it's greatest. I've never been so on the edge of my seat before when watching the storm scene when the T-rex attacks. In fact that may go down in my top twenty all time favorite movie scenes of all time.

Yeah the kids were super annoying in the movie, but we get Sam Niel and Jeff Goldblum running around looking super sexy. 

This is by fan one of my all time favorite childhood, action, suspense, and adventure movies. Even though the sequels shit on my chest (What the fuck did they do with Goldblum's character?!) the original is still a classic and will and forever give me chills. The idea of a part 4 has me a little scared. I honestly don't know if they can capture the same magic they did. 

Still, watching this movie yesterday it looked completely gorgeous and brought me back to a speical time when I was younger. This movie will always be a favorite of mine and I urge any fans of it to go see it in the way it was supposed to be viewed!

5 Stars!

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