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Interview with Thomas Bryce from Shit Movie Fest!

 Interview with Thomas Bryce from Shit Movie Fest!

There are several blogs I follow and love shit movie fest is one of my favorites. Thomas Bryce, the man behind this amazing blog is by far one of the kindest and coolest guys in the horror community. In fact just this past December, I even helped write a post for his annual Shitmas, in which all through the month of December, fellow writers come together and review some of their favorite holiday themed movies and television shows. Just this past month I was able to interview Thomas and pick his brain.

1. What are your top five favorite movies of all time?
I. "Class of 1984", 2. "Videodrome", 3. "Just One of the Guys", 4. "A Nightmare One Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors", 5. "Death Wish 3"
Each of these movies mean a lot too me, for different reason and I can watch them over and over again without ever tiring of them. They are always there to pick me up, and put me in a good mood.

2. What movie brings back the fondest childhood memories for you?
"Killer Klowns from Outterspace" and "The Gate" both come to mind, I think those are the movie that really got me into B-movies and Horror for the most part.

3. When did you start your blog? What is your favorite thing about running it?
A couple years back I started the blogger with my friend Chris, running it has helped me find and become friends with fellow like minded people like yourself

4. Hands down what is the best death ever in a horror movie?
The Peephole Gun Blast in Dario Argento's "Opera"

5. Who would you say was the greatest person you've met so far at a convention?
Guest-wise it's Tom Atkins without a doubt, nicest and coolest person ever. Non-guest it's my friends Jay and Steve of "Icon vs Icon"
I meet them at a the Hotel Bar at Monster Mania 17 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Along with them two there was a guy who was a dead ringer for Corey Feldman (circa Stand By Me era) whom was also a belligerent drunk!
So Jay, Steve, I are a couple beers in and making small talk at the bar. We were trying to figure out if we somehow knew each other because Jay said I looked familiar to him, and since he went to to Art Institute of Philadelphia it wouldn't have been to odd for out paths to have somehow crossed. It took some time and more beers but we finally figured out how he knew me . . .
I was the guy they saw walking to my car in the crowded Parking Lot walking and possibility freeing up a spot for them to Park in. They followed me to my car, but I was only loading my trunk with some of the shit I bought at the Convention before heading back in. We had a good laugh about this, but the whole time this was going the Cory Fakeman kid was causing a scene at the bar . . . he was constantly touching and grabbing people (mostly cause that was the only way he could stand up without falling), yelling insane shit like he was the writer of Pulp Fiction and demanded some Respect, and getting on just about everybody's last nerve (Hotel Staff and Bar Patrons included)
After being denied his request to purchase a six pack of beer and then a twelve pack beer to go, Cory was kindly removed from the hotel premises! And not moment to soon, I was really convinced if he was there any longer and fight might have broken out. Anyway with him gone, everybody sitting at the Bar was more at ease.
Jay and Steve told me some of their more memorable Horror convention stories and also about their yearly Horror Movie Party named "Season of the Witch". I was very intrigued since I also do the movie party thing with "Shit Movie Fest", what I really liked about their event was the fact that it took outdoors. Over the past 3 years I have hung out with then at least once a month be it at another horror con, concert or whatnot.

6. Favorite piece of your collection you could never part with?
Any of my WWF Hasbro Figures, I've had them so long now and most were bought for me by my Dad and also my Nan who passed away many years ago.

7. I've noticed your a huge fan of Creature Of The Black Lagoon. What is it about this movie that you love so much? Also what is your favorite piece of your collection from this movie?
A: I first became aware of the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" when I was a youngster, spending my summer vacation down in Wildwood, New Jersey. In Wildwood, in the late 80s, there was a Monster Museum that had a a bunch of wax figures of the Universal Monsters and other popular horror icons of the time displayed in cheesy setups; King Kong and Godzilla sitting on top of buildings playing cards, Dracula on a beach holding a tube of sunscreen, and then there was the Gill-Man, with a fish hook in his mouth and two oblivious fishermen in a boat in front of him not aware of what they caught. Needless to say I was hooked (sorry for the lame pun).
B: The http://www.terrycruikshank.com/ figure, it was something I really wanted when I first saw it at Horror Con a couple year prior, when I had the cash on me I finally took him home with me.

8. Thoughts on remakes...love em or hate em?
Always depends, Something like "The Fog" remake still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but the "Dawn of the Dead" remake is almost as good as the classic original!

9. Scariest movie you ever saw?
Good question, after thinking hard about it I guess that Cronenberg's The Fly still sorta freaks me out.
10. Hands down, what movie has the best ending ever?
The end of the movie "Midnight Express" when Billy is reunited with his family.

11. What do you do in your spare time?
The norm, I'm not really a homebody so I am usually out Hanging with friends, but if I am home I'm either playing my Xbox (really into Bioshock and the Borderland series) or watching Law and Order: SVU

12. Favorite song?
"Sense of Purpose" by The Sound

13. Worst movie ever?
Odd choice I know but it's "Phone Booth" for me, I hate almost everything about it. First time I saw it was in theaters and I thought it was ok, then when it came out on video I had to watch it on a bus trip to Maine 3 times in one weekend. I never want to see that movie ever ever again! 

14. Favorite kind of beer?
Now that's a tuff question, Yuengling Lager is pretty much my beer of choice, but at bar's I always up for trying something new/special that's on tap.

15. What can we expect to see from Shit Movie Fest this year?
I been kinda slacking when it comes to writing for the blog, I hope to change soon so stay tuned I guess.

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