Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Top favorite horror movies of all time

 Top favorite horror movies of all time
In the past I've posted my top ten favorite movies of all time, today I decided to narrow down a very long list to make my top twenty-five favorite horror movies of all time.

1). Jaws

2). Christine

3). Intruder

6) Phantasm

7). Fright Night

8). Waxwork

9). Day Of The Dead

10). Hello Marry Lou: Prom Night II

11). The Howling

12). The Burning

13) Return Of The Living Dead

14) Pet Sematary
(This image is what I based my Church tattoo off)

15). Popcorn

16). The Fog

17). The Hitcher

18). Prince Of Darkness

19).  The Monster Squad

20). Night Of The Creeps

21). Deadly Friend

22). The Stepfather

23). Night Of The Demons

24). Critters

25) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

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