Thursday, March 7, 2013

The collection continues - Christine blu-ray!

 The collection continues - Christine blu-ray!

Today I finally received my blu-ray copy of Christine from Twilight Time. I posted earlier last month what a complete nightmare it was ordering this puppy when they went on sale. Of course everyone and their brother hit the site at once and boom it crashed, resulting in a bunch of crazed fans moaning and bitching having complete panic attacks until finally it was fixed. Trust me, I was one of them. My sister Alexis also nabbed herself a copy and with HorrorHound less than two weeks away I plan on taking these bad larrys with me to get signed by John Carpenter and the cast! My love for Christine really is insane (almost as bad as my love for Waxwork) Seeing yet another addition to my collection always brings a smile to my face. I really can't wait for HorrorHound and I'm sure all of you will be seeing me get arrested when I try to steal the car. 

 = I was really happy

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