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HorrorHound 2013 - The good, the bad, and the ugly

 HorrorHound 2013 - The good, the bad, and the ugly

HorrorHound weekend has become a joy of mine to staff for ever since my first show back in 2010. This past weekend was my 5th show I would be working, and the biggest one to date. Traveling the very LONG 15 hours to Ohio, I spend the weekend meeting up with friends, guarding doors and lines, freezing to death, being stuffed up, and meeting the bullies from Christine!

I think the biggest thing that really got me down was the fact I was stupid enough to make this God forsaken drive yet again. I really hate driving, in fact I think it's one of my top three least favorite things to do. The fact that I decided yet again to make the haul out there even though after every show I always promise it will be my last drive out there...I find myself back in the car hating life.

This past show was the final nail in the coffin with me deciding that for now on if I want to staff this show I'm going to have to fly. I seriously lost half the weekend by being exhausted from it. Still, I did have a wonderful time even though the second I got home after being up for twenty-four straight hours I ended up puking everywhere only to find out I have the same stomach bug I had earlier this winter. So today as I rest up and re-watch Friday the 13th the series, I'll quickly recap on the highlights of meeting a few people, the merch I grabbed, and how crazy and packed this very awesome show was. Glad to be a part of it, but even happier to now be home!

This weekend I staffed the show, mostly guarding doors, lines, helping set up vendors, and doing airport runs. This was HorrorHound's biggest show yet due to the Walking Dead cast being there. Now being held at the convention center across from the hotel, the best way to describe the weekend was insane. I've never seen a convention this packed or busy. 

I'm going to shout some realtalk now. I really didn't give two shits about the Walking Dead cast. I mean yeah I watch the show, but I really didn't care that the cast was there this weekend. In fact I was blown away by how many people were in lines that wrapped around the building just to meet them. I find it funny though, most of them were for Norman Reedus. I met Norman a few shows back when I had him sign a Boondock Saints poster for my sister. He was a nice guy, but still waiting for ten + hours for some person? Ehhh...

Anywho the biggest reason why I went to this show was the fact they had Mr. John Carpenter and the three main bullies from Christine there. Last month my sister and me bought the limited edition of Christine on blu-ray, wanting to get Carpenter and the cast to sign the two copies, I had to laugh to myself when I found out that they would be doing Rock N Shock in Boston this upcoming October. Who's that asshole who drove 15 hours? This guy!

Still, it was a pleasure to meet everyone, and the guys were beyond sweet to me. I LOVED the sick Christine display they had and couldn't help but smile every time I head the "bad to the bone" song play over the speakers. "sigh..."

I also got a sweet photo opp with John Carpenter with my friend Jeanette. I would like to call these two...the most awkward family photos ever.

Me and Jeanette also picked Tamara Glynn and Sergio Stivaletti from the airport. The two of us were running on zero sleep and felt like complete shit, but they were very nice and pleasure to go get. I'll be the first to admit that this weekend I sorta kept a low profile. I felt "off" ever since we drove in and didn't really stay up late to party. Of course when I finally got home yesterday morning and began to puke my brains out I knew why. Thanks stomach virus...your the best.

A huge thing I did get done at the convention was treat myself to start my Sam Raimi tattoo. I got Sam's autograph inked on me. Squiggle realness!

Due to the snow storm, on Sunday we had to haul ass to leave. Sadly I didn't get time to meet Michael Madsen, (even though I did walk in on him eating lunch to unplug my sweet flip phone that was charging. I did make it a point though to meet Rusty Schwimmer from Jason Goes To Hell. Rusty signed my comic books from the movie and was very sweet. Another step closer to meeting John D LeMay!

Here's some merch I picked up this weekend...
 = Yep...favorite purchase e-v-e-r

= Signed by Bill Moseley, such a nice guy!

= My signed Christine blu-rays = $$$$!!!

= Sadly didn't have a chance to meet the cast but did pick up this little gem of a boxset. 

= Bootleg haul. Got some really awesome gems along with a free copy of Bad Ronald. I plan on watching and re-viewing every single one of these!

I also recieved two very awesome gifts from my friends Melissa and Erica. The first being an original radio used Summer School soundtrack and a set of books based on the show Supernatural.

and last but not least...how I look after driving for 15 hours straight. This photo was taken one hour before I started puking...wonderful.

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