Saturday, February 16, 2013

Want to give yourself a panic attacK? - Order from Twilight Time DVD!

Want to give yourself a panic attack? - Order from Twilight Time DVD!
Twilight Time DVD has become pretty popular ever since they released their SE edition of Fright Night which sold out VERY quickly and then doubled, and tripled in price when they began selling on ebay. Just last year they decided to do another limited edition to the Night Of The Living Dead remake. Well, they sorta screwed the pooch with that one. A huge scandal hit when fans received their movies and were shocked to find the film changed. Tinted a weird dark blue the entire movie seemed to look as if it was all shot during the night. After tons of bitching from the pissed off fans, Twilight still remains to claim the release itself wasn't their fault and it was the studio that made the change to the film. 
Now ringing in the 30th anniversary to John Carpenter and Stephen King's Christine, Twilight decided to take another stab and release a SE edition of Christine, only selling 3000 copies on February 15th at 4 PM. Well I think many people know what a huge fan I am of this movie, and how I have the horrible habit of having the collect ANYTHING that has to do with it. The second I heard of this release I knew I just had to get one. (I'm still in mourning I never knew about the Fright Night DVD) So yesterday I was waiting like a nervous wreck on the computer, with my debit card ready to order away.
4 PM hit and of course the fucking site crashed. I was livid.
Of course everyone and their brother began to freak out as much as I did on their facebook page. Trust me if anyone wants a good laugh you need to read the comments. I'm one of the sad horror nerds who was completely freaking out when the site wasn't working and like a huge loser had tears in my eyes. #fangirlproblems
Thankfully the site came back and running and I was able to place my order. I think people on the moon could have heard the sigh of relief I made when my order was placed. I know it's such a stupid silly thing to get so worked up over but I don't think many people understand my love for this movie. It's insane.
Last night when I went over my sister's, I showed her how much the Fright Night blu-rays were going for and had myself a pretty good laugh when her husband and her raced to the laptop to order their own copy before they sold out. 
My plan is to take my little gem to HorrorHound if it arrives in time and have the cast to sign it. 
I hate to bitch about this company but I'm more of a Scream Factory fan. At least these guys have great releases and don't make the fans honestly feel like their having a stroke when trying to order something. Now I understand websites go down all the time, but just their overall setup just doesn't do it for me. Unless they released Waxwork one or two...I ain't EVER gonna do this shit again!


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