Friday, February 22, 2013

The Nest on blu-ray!

 The Nest on blu-ray!

Thanks to the ever so amazing Scream Factory, many classic gems are finally getting the proper release they deserve! In the last few years their company has become very popular with fans due to their kick ass releases to some fan favorites and a few films that haven't seen the light of day since the good old fashion VHS days. Now with HD and Blu-ray taking over the world of media, Scream Factory have given fans the chance to see these classics re-released with more than impressive transfers, artwork, and special features. In fact this up coming year some of my all time favorites are getting the Scream Factory treatment (The Burning, The Fog, Night Of The Comet, The Howling, ect.) So far I've been able to nab Halloween II, III, Terror Train, and Deadly Blessing. I can't wait for the Phantasm II release which is due out next month. Today I was finally able to pick up an 80's favorite of mine that I haven't even heard of until last year...

My friend Nate and I were doing our regular VHS hunt last winter when he showed me this tape and told me it had some of the sickest goriest effects he had seen. Interested, and of course admiring the gorgeous cover, I threw it in along with the other titles I had picked up. One night over many beers, we watched it as a double feature with Rejuvenator. I believe when we began drinking we said we were going to show each other the goriest movies we owned. I loved The Nest right away and admired it's creature Vs. man storyline, 1980's brutal practical effects, seaside setting, and enjoying the kind of movie you could get completely smashed watching and still enjoy yourself.

I count myself lucky to have this title in my VHS collection, but the second I found out Scream Factory was releasing it on blu-ray I knew I had to have it.

The spiecal features aren't really anything to write home about, I have listening to the director's commentary though as I write this. I love audio commentaries, and I always find them very interesting. So far the director Terence H. Winkless seems very friendly sounding and is giving plenty of information.

The transfer is stunning and it honestly is breathtaking since just last week I watched this little baby on tape again. 

The Nest is a great classic 80's gem made in the very popular year of 88. I've always been a fan of creature/animal/incests going against humans. This was a popular tool often used in the 1950's and then again in the 1970's. The 80's ushered in a few movie of these titles and The Nest is a great middle film to watch between Squirm and after Slugs

So to 1980's fans of horror out there, if you're looking for a great somewhat cheesy gory movie dealing with the nastiest bug of them all, go buy the DVD/Blu-ray combo pack of The Nest and don't forget the Raid!

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