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Monsters - The Farmer's Daughter

 Monsters - The Farmer's Daughter

In the 1980's horror anthologies were making a great comeback. Thanks to horror master minds George A. Romero and Stephen King. After the wild success of their group effort Creepshow, Romero decided to try and make a television show which would bring weekly stories of ghosts and ghouls. In the end this resulted in Tales From The Darkside. For four seasons, some pretty amazing and beyond creepy stories were told with some very memorable moments. As the decade came to a close, horror in television was at a high point. In 1988 Freddy's Nightmares had just begun after the box office winnings of The Dream Master. Friday the 13th The Series was now onto it's second season, and Tales from The Darkside was in it's forth and final. As the door closed on Darkside, it left a small window open for Monsters

Monsters was a much lower budget television show than Darkside (which really says something.) Focusing more on the actual monsters of supernatural horrors, this show lasted three seasons and offered some great entertainment for people who adored horror and only had basic cable. 

This past December I reviewed the Christmas themed episode Glim-Glim for

I first watched episodes of Monsters when it aired on Chiller TV back when the channel was actually awesome. I later while on one of my many VHS hunts were able to snag a few VHS tapes with a few episodes on them, and just this past fall at Rock N Shock buy the entire series on a pretty impressive bootleg.

Monsters isn't exactly the greatest show, but it did have a few handful of memorable creepy episodes. One of my favorites aired in the second season.

The Farmer's Daughter.

PLOT -  A salesman arrives at an old farmhouse, he's invited in by the farmer who has a beautiful young daughter. The salemans' stays the night, and is seduced by the beautiful daughter, and falls in love. What the salesman soon finds out is that he probably shouldn't have fallen in love, and even more he shouldn't have even touched her as she has really been dead, and she begins to decay. As he tries to escape, he finds that he is just one in a long line of salesman who have been seduced, and then killed by the daugther. All she wants his for a man to love her.

LOWDOWN - I first watched this episode when I picked up an old VHS tape that had two episodes on it. One being called The Jar, the other being The Farmer's Daughter. This is a very underrated episode of Monsters, one that actually really creeped me out. I find it very funny they had Soupy Sales as the lead salesman, but hey it somehow worked in it's own little way. This an episode that picks up fast and has an awesome ending. In fact I'm really surprised they were able to air such an episode on basic cable. 

Monsters first aired a year before the very popular and higher budget Tales From The Crypt aired. Monsters was the cheap bastard cousin of Darkside, yet had a charm all on it's own. I'm still yet to make my way through all the episodes, but I find myself highly impressed with the few that I've watched so far. The Farmer's Daughter is a great episode that really does show a whole new meaning to the saying of "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." If your in the mood to watch a very creepy tale of love from beyond the grave, check out this episode, trust me it ain't pretty!

Stay tuned for other love themed horror episodes this month, just in time for Valentine's Day!

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