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My Top Ten Favorite Movies

  My Top Ten Favorite Movies
It's so hard whenever somebody asks a movie fan what their all time favorite film is. There are so many different categories, reasons, and titles to go over in your mind. Of course the movies always change to. There's your favorites of all time, your favorite horror movies, sci-fi movies, decade movies, ect. Here I decided to finally narrow it down and make my own personal all time favorite movie list and why these certain films made the list. Now I adore movies as you all know. They have been a large part of my life since I've been being able to make this list goes to show it has to be pretty special.

As Hooper says when he's having dinner with the chief and his wife and getting shit faced off red wine “I love sharks...yeah I love em.” I guess that's a huge reason why I adore this movie. I love sharks, always did...always have. Ever since I can remember I have loved this movie (along with the third...don't judge) I think it's because my parents were such big fans and I just had such great memories watching this adventure/horror/thriller over and over again. This is one of the greatest films ever made and is film-making brilliance at it's best. This is an unseen monster that could acutely happen. Plus I have never seen a movie with such likeable characters. This movie has a great ending and as always I find myself waiting till the very end credits to watch the chief and Hooper make it to the beach. In fact I'm such a huge fan my friends back at school went above and beyond getting me a gorgeous signed original poster. By far one of the greatest gifts I have ever gotten.

Never before has such a recent movie ever made the top of my list so quickly. Back this fall when I went into theaters to see it, I was honestly blown away. First off the fact this movie took so long to get made, second the stunning effects work, then the amazing writing, acting, score, and futuristic twisted tragedy that was laid out before me. I love Bruce Willis and of course the ever so handsome Joseph Gordon Levitt (who I believe played his best role to date in this.) If I ever had to recommend a movie to somebody, this would be it. 

I have been a Stephen King fan ever since I can remember. My mother ushered me into his twisted world and I have great memories asking her about his latest novels. Growing up he was a staple in my house. My sister and I grew up watching The Stand and IT mini series. This man can do no wrong (even Maximum Overdrive) in my eyes and I will forever defend him. I love his books, and I love the movies based off them. Now many may think that Pet Sematary is my favorite King movie. (seeing I have a tattoo from it.) But low and behold my favorite King movie has to be Christine. 1983 was a magical year for Stephen. Cujo, The Dead Zone, and Christine were all made into films. Hot off the bookshelf’s, master of horror John Carpenter teamed up and made one of his greatest films to date. 

Do you ever want to see a surreal living breathing, stunning piece of art? Well Phantasm is it. One of my all time favorite horror movies, I adore this movie. Just a few years ago I stumbled into the gateway of the Phantasm universe and loved the mini epic that took place between brothers Michael and Jody. Even though these movies aren't for everyone, I love them all. The original is the best of course and tells a very haunted story. I could talk about this movie all day. It's brilliant and always a mind fuck when you watch it.

Speaking of of mind about this baby. I still remember watching the teaser trailer for this back in 2009 and wondering what the hell was it about? After the major hit The Dark Knight, Nolan took audiences into a strange, beautiful, and yes very confusing roller coaster of a ride. Another film that took years to make and make completely perfect. With a great cast and in my eyes one of the best written stories of all time, Inception is a beautiful haunting movie that I saw a total of eight times when it was released. I know...I'm sick!

This Is Spinal Tap 
Oh Christopher Guest. No man makes me laugh more than this guy. I love all his movies and before he began directing himself he was turning it up to 11 back in Rob Reiner's first film This Is Spinal Tap. This after Summer School is my all time favorite comedy. No other movie have I been able to quote as much as this one. Even though I'm not a huge rock n roll fan, I still couldn't get enough of this movie. With cute guys, cheesy yet catchy songs, memorable moments, Spinal Tap is a total feel good movie.

Fright Night
This was back when vampires were vampires, and back when movies were awesome. This is another childhood favorite. I can't tell you how many times I watched this movie and it's sequel as a child. Seeing that it was one of my mother's all time favorites it holds a special place in my heart. This is back when movies were made perfectly. It was the mid 1980's and practical effects were completely mind blowing. Fright Night has a great classic story of pretty much what I would say is a Peter and the wolf meets Rear Window. With likeable characters, a handsome tragic villain, nods towards the classic Hammer films, and an amazing soundtrack and score, Fright Night is in my eyes one of the greatest horror movies ever made.

The Monster Squad
You know a movie is special when I have a tattoo from it. The Monster Squad is yet another childhood favorite that I have fond memories watching over and over again. This was a brilliant time when you honestly couldn't tell if this was a straight horror movie or a kid's film. Back when PG movies were totally bad ass and kids were running around swearing and shooting shotguns. Mr. Dekker in my eyes can do no wrong. After finishing up with my personal favorite Night Of The Creeps, he got away from teenage co-eds and traveled to smaller kids who had a monster club. This movie is exactly what a cult movie should be. Nearly everyone I know who loves horror drew up watching it on VHS. It has standing power and still holds up. Like I said you really can't judge if it's a kids movie or not since there's swearing, monsters, and people getting killed. The 1980's were very much alive with this adventure which reminds me of if the Goonies met the classic Universal monsters.

Summer School
Need a feel good movie? Something to pop in whenever you feel blue? Well Summer School is that movie for me. I sorta remember watching this little gem years ago and always loving Chainsaw and Dave's effects work and love for horror. I still would like to think that the whole reason why I ended up getting into effects was because of this movie. Also who doesn't just adore watching this and trying to spot all the awesome posters and memorabilia Chainsaw has in his bedroom. Freddy Shoop is my idea of the perfect man. He's laid back, a snazzy dresser, loves his summers off, has a great dog, and eats more food than a truck load of pigs. Seriously if you ever play my Summer School drinking game, you take a shot every time Shoop eats something on screen. Trust me, you'll be shit faced.

Putting aside how awesome all the popular slashers are, this is the best underrated one of all time and has some pretty awesome talent behind it. This is by far one of the goriest slashers I've ever seen and I love everything about it. You get a great setting in the supermarket at night, and as many of you husband Sam Raimi starring in a supporting role! Intruder is a great movie with likeable characters, great effects work due to KNB and a great clever ending!

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