Saturday, January 26, 2013

I can't believe that's the same person! Part 1

 I can't believe that's the same person! Part 1
Character actors are the best type of actors. These are masters of their craft, never usually the lead role, but have the gift of being able to transform into whatever part they are set to be. These in my eyes are the actors who bring the blood, sweat, and tears to the business. If it wasn't for these guys, we wouldn't have so many memorable characters in movies. Some have made a while career of doing so, and others played one memorable role that truly blew us away. Here is a brief list of some actors who truly become the characters and are nearly unrecognizable!

Christopher Guest 
I love Christopher Guest and I'm a huge fan of his movies. I would think to think my love for him started years ago when I used to watch The Princess Bride with my sister. (What can I say, I loved me some six finger man...) Anywho, Christopher Guest has the rare talent of being able to transform into each character he plays. From the British rock star in This Is Spinal Tap, to the backwards jean wearing Corky St. Cair, to nut naming and bloodhound lover Harlan Pepper... 

Kevin J O' Connor 
I'm sure I wasn't the only person that loved Clive Barker's Lord Of Illusions. The actor who truly stole the show in that was Mr. Kevin J O'Connor. Kevin has been in the business for nearly 30 years and has played some pretty memorable characters. I was floored to find out this was the same guy who was in Peggy Sue Got Married, and The Mummy. Mind blowing... 

Tim Curry 
I couldn't agree anymore that you can tell a man's sexual orientation just by asking them what their favorite Tim Curry movie is. From stunning us with all his "talents" in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, to wearing insane unrecognizable makeup in Legend, and of course scaring the utter shit out of everyone in Stephen King's IT.

Gary Oldman
I think Mr. Oldman really does deserve the new crown as the man of a 1000 faces. From playing punk rocker Sid Vicious In Sid And Nancy, to drug dealing pimp in True Romance, and of course let us not forget his creepy as hell performance in Hannibal. I think it's safe to say Gary is one of our most talented actors for the time.

Doug Jones 
One of the greatest character actors and stunt men around. Mr. Jones has made a living playing unrecognizable characters. Pan's Labyrinth, Ouarantine, and Hellboy is just a few titles from his very impressive career.   

Nick Stahl
Long before Mr. Stahl began "loosing" his way, he had a pretty impressive career going. One of his more memorable roles was in Frank Miller's Sin City, in which he completely hid his pretty boy looks and transformed himself into the yellow bastard.

Joseph Gordon Levitt. 
Oh Mr. Levitt, how I love you. No matter how many movies you play in, your always going to be that cute kid with the long hair I grew up watching from 3rd Rock From The Sun. One of his latest and in my eyes best movies so far is Looper. In this Levitt transformed himself due to the help of some really amazing makeup to play a younger version of Mr. Bruce Willis. Not only with the makeup, he also closely studied Willis's facial expressions and mannerisms resulting in a stunning performance.   

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