Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Super Stupendous Stocking Stuffers

 Super Stupendous Stocking Stuffers
With the holidays upon us, I decided to post a brief little list of some great companies that any horror lover should shop from in case there is any last minute shopping they need to get done. These are one of a kind gifts that will seriously give Santa himself a run for his money. 

London 1888 
My good friend Chris Ott's company London 1888 is by far one of the most bad ass companies around. This man is crazy talented and one of the nicest people I've met in the horror community. Chris displays some great movie prints that are a must have for any fan out there. This man has sold to such talents as Quentin Tarantino, Sam and Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Greg Nicotero, and Rutger Hauer. Chris is seriously always coming out with insane work and his website is one of the best to order from. 

Pink Pandemonium - Etsy
Lesley Cottle of Pink Pandemonium on Etsy is one of the coolest handmade places to get custom accessories made. This woman does it all, earrings, purses, hair name it...she does it. This just year I've had her make me a custom Evil Dead II Sam Raimi tote bag, a Christine tote bag, and a pair of Sam Raimi and Waxwork earrings. Lesley is super cool to work with and always made stunning pieces of work. I still have a million more ideas for earrings for her and I'm sure I'll be shopping by her for a very long time. Trust me, nothing sparks interest more than wearing super large heart Sam Raimi earrings at a horror convention!

I have said it once, and I'll say it again. The guys over at VHSPS are fucking awesome. Not only do they have a very impressive selection of original out of print gems that haven't seen the light of day since the good old days of video stores, they are also very friendly and awesome to buy from. Their service and DVDs are nothing but top of the line. An amazing place to buy for in you love movies and want to see some lost gems again.

Curious Goods
First off, it's named after my all time favorite television show Friday the 13th the series. Second there are awesome handmade figures, mirrors, and other goodies for any horror lover. This is one of the coolest tables to visit if you are at a convention and happen upon this little store. Great stuff that makes very one of a kind gifts.

I happened upon this new and up coming store while at HorrorHound this past fall. I love custom figures and artwork. Maybe it's because these people are true fans that take things from movies we all know and love and make them into awesome figures for people to collect who haven't had the chance before. This figures are amazing (I fell in love with the Critter figures) Great company with amazing artwork!

The Clay Guy 
Great figures of all kinds for some of your all time favorite movies and yep...their made out of clay!

And now...the greatest company of all...mine! Yes I'm a whore when it comes to promoting my shit, and proud of it. I work on the side as a freelance makeup artist but I've also very slowly begun my own personal company. I do custom artwork, horror paintings, and figures. This spring I will be releasing my first series of custom handmade horror figures based off such films as The Burning, Intruder, and Friday the 13th part 6. Super talented, cute, and amazing to deal with! All joking aside if you ever want a custom cool gift for yourself or somebody special, contact me either through this blog or my personal facebook.

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