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Reasons why Dolls is awesome

 Reasons why Dolls is awesome

Back in 1987, Stuart Gordon was just coming off the cult success of such classics like Re-Animator, and From Beyond. Deciding to take what appears to be an old fashion fairytale like story, and take all classics elements from things that make audiences extremely uneasy and gives them the creeps, he shaped his underrated and my personal favorite Dolls.

Killer dolls you say? Oh yeah, that old hat. Well actually this was one year before Chucky graced the silver screen in Child's Play. In fact this was even before such guilty pleasure titles such as Puppet Master, Pinocchio's Revenge, and Dolly Dearest. Dolls were very popular upping the creepy scale in horror, but really hadn't had their chance to truly shine in the spot light. This was the same year a certain China doll terrified poor cousins Micki and Ryan in the very first episode of Friday The 13th The Series. Dolls were always a background staple to add to the creepy factor, but really didn't get to show their stuff up until then. Sure there was Magic, but we're not just taking about puppets...we're talking about dolls. Sweet, innocent, and evil little dolls. Toys that many of us grew up with and loved near and dear, or felt scared out of our minds whenever their little glass eyes followed us wherever we walked in our play rooms. Dolls is a movie that has all the right ingredients for a scary movie. A storm, people stranded, a creepy old couple, and a huge mansion.

Oh and of course...lots of killer toys.

We're talking dolls, jesters, and yep...even killer teddy bears.

Long before Dead Silence made dolls creepy, Mr. Gordon made a little cult film that shows one of the best memorable and “gore”gous scenes to ever be shown on the big screen. Here is my brief little list of why this film is so awesome.

Killer Teddy Bear

The British Punk Girls


The Soundtrack

Mr. Gordon directing

Empire Pictures 
The dolls/puppets


The Poster

The “Doll Eye” scene

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