Monday, December 24, 2012

John Cusack...king of underrated Christmas movies

 John Cusack...king of underrated Christmas movies.

I adore John Cusack, always did always have. Yes the man might have some flaws (2012, and whenever he starts bitching about politics.) but there's just something about him that makes myself love him. Maybe it's because he's been in some pretty awesome movies, maybe it's because he's the most underrated member of the Brat Pack, maybe because his sister is a riot, maybe it's because he's a cutie, maybe it's because he did Hot Tub Time Machine and it was awesome...or maybe, just maybe it's because he's in two personal favorite very underrated Christmas movies I love and cherish. 

The Sure Thing and The Ice Harvest

The Sure Thing is one of my favorite comedies. Director Rob Reiner fresh off making one of my all time favorite movies This Is Spinal Tap, decided to take a stab at making a very nontraditional romance. Taking John Cusack who was fresh off having a bit part in Sixteen Candles, a beautiful young girl on a beach, some very memorable scenes and lines, and spun a tale of a young guy traveling across country to just try and get laid. Sounds like the best plot for a movie ever! The Sure Thing is a very underrated classic and blended in nicely while teen movie after teen movie were being pumped out at the time. Using his great talent for comedy, Reiner made the best anti-hero and leading man in Gib and made him completely likeable.  Taking place over Christmas break, Cusack travels long and far to find what he expects to be sex but ends up being love.

FUN FACT - Rob Reiner had to adopt John Cusack for the time of filming The Sure Thing since he was underage at the time and he had to work with the child labor laws. Reiner reused Cusack the following year in Stand By Me in a cameo role and the year after that took another stab at romance with his romance adventure The Princess Bride.

The Ice Harvest is a movie I saw a theaters and completely loved. This is a dark comedy from director Harold Ramis. This is the story about two men in a small Kansas town who steal a lot of money from a mob boss and slowly begin turning on each other and trying to get through Christmas Eve without killing each other or getting caught. Taking some pretty big stars at the time, he made a very gloomy look on how crazy people can get when it comes to stealing two million dollars, and dealing with the holidays. Cusack does a great job in this role as the sorta unlikeable Charlie. This is a man who really doesn't care about his kids, his a twisted lawyer, and a guy who just can't seem to catch a break. The real star of this movie is Oliver Platt. I love all the scenes he's in, drunk, starting shit at bars, and stealing the show. The best part of this movie has to be the ending. "Do they have pancakes?" "They have everything."

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