Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Specials From Hell! - Shit Movie Fest!

 Holiday Specials From Hell! - Shit Movie Fest!
This month I was given the very awesome honor of being able to write a review for one of my all time favorite blogs http://shitmoviefest.blogspot.com/ run by my friend Thomas Bryce. Every Holiday season for the month of December, Thomas decides to do 25 days of Shitmas which follows different reviews and posts dealing the holiday themed films. I was lucky enough to do a review on two very awesome holiday themed episodes from two very popular horror television shows from the 1980's Tales From The Darkside and Monsters. These episodes were "Seasons Of Belief." and "Glim-Glim."

Here is the link to read my review. Thanks again Shit Movie Fest for letting me have a complete blast! 

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