Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gremlins drinking game.

 Gremlins Drinking Game 

There honestly is no better way to watch an old time classic when there's beer involved. Back at school one of my favorite activities was playing ridiculous drinking games that usually resulted in somebody puking. Here is two versions to one of my all time favorite drinking games.

The Gremlins drinking game.

What says holiday cheer more than getting shit faced?

The rules of caring for Mogwais are mentioned.
When one of Billy's dad's inventions shits the bed
When anyone mentions Christmas.
 Anyone sings (Gizmo, humans, and gremlins).
Mr. Futterman complains about foreign things.
Gizmo freaks out due to bright lights.
-Anyone watches an old movie.
Gremlins or other Mogwai are mean to Gizmo.
Drink every time you see Christmas lights

When the Mogwais eat chicken wings 

One Beer - Human
Two Beers - Mogwais
Three Beers - Gizmo
Four Beers - Gremlin
Seven Beers - Spike 
Ten Beers - Dick Miller
Twelve Beers - Dead Santa Clause
Fifteen Beers - Mr. Clamp
Anything onward...go puke in the sink, pass out and have some egg nog.

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