Friday, October 26, 2012

Fright Rags Halloween III shirt!!!

Fright Rags Halloween III shirt!!!
I can finally die now. There's a legit Halloween III Season Of The Witch T-shirt that features all three masks. 

My good friends at Fright Rags just released three awesome kick ass shirts based around movies that take place during the Halloween season. One of which was my personal favorite from the Halloween film series. I'm seriously so glad this very underrated film is finally getting it's moment to shine in the sun and has become a cult classic. I'm sorry anyone who picks films like Halloween 5 and 6 over 3 needs to go choke on some candy corn. I have very fond memories of defending this movie when I was younger and now with the awesome bluray release and this shirt, I feel it's finally getting it's due.

I mean honestly it has one of the best endings ever of all time. Poor Atkins...

I plan on rocking this wonderful shirt next convention I go to. Now all I need is that pumpkin mask...humm...

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