Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Possession finishes #1 at the Box Office!

The Possession finishes #1 At The Box Office!!!

Woooo hooo! Who would have known? I'm for one honestly didn't think this movie would make it's money back. First it was released at the tail end of summer which seems to be the dumping ground for a lot of movies. The second is the fact it was what seemed like yet another Exorcist rip off.

I was wrong...dead wrong. This was believe it or not a very interesting horror movie. Sure it had it's flaws but I enjoyed it. Thanks to Mr. Sam Raimi and the ever so amazing Jeffery Dean Morgan this was a fun little horror movie that was the underdog. Happy to say I saw it and even more happy to see that horror fans will still crawl out of the woodwork for anything that has Sam's name slapped on it.

Drinks for everyone!

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