Sunday, September 30, 2012

Laser wave of the collecting future?

Laser wave of the collecting future?

For a very brief period of time in the 1990's laser disks seemed to be the new hip thing that was supposed to replace VHS tapes. Sadly and very smartly this never caught on. Laser disks are huge, in fact their the size of records and was supposed to be the newest cutting edge in technology. 

I think a big reason why these little babies never caught on was the size. I mean where would you store all these things? + most of the time you had to flip the disk over since the movie was split up. Since laser disks never caught on, it paved the way for DVDs and now of course blurays.

I'm of course a VHS collecting nut, and I just began to collect laser disks which are only sold at conventions and online. I know it sounds weird since I don't have nor ever owned a laser disk machine, but I guess it's just the covers that rope me in. So far I only have three. Intruder, Fright Night, and Gremlins 2. I plan on collecting a few more, only movies I'm really a big fan of. I plan on getting these signed one day in the future and even if their not going to be worth anything I find them a very interesting and different way to collect movies. Who knows with the VHS collecting boom in full swing, maybe laser disk will have it's time to shine in the sun.

Who knows...

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